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Connecting System to Manifold

  1. Run provided 1⁄4-inch tubing from the Manifold injection port to the straight barb fitting. Length of tube should be less than 10 feet. Shorten and cut tubing as possible. See images below.
  2. Install 1/4-inch one-way Air Check Valve (supplied) to prevent any potential water back flow. See images below for details.
  3. If the Control and Cartridge Units are installed below the water line, install a Hartford loop in the 1/4-inch tubing, and wherever possible position the Hartford loop above the water line.
  4. Where it is not possible to position the Hartford loop above the water line, install a water check valve in the return line
    downstream of the Manifold.
  5. Measure air suction using an Air Flow Meter and set Venturi air suction to draw within the required air flow rate ranges: 
    • CCW100: 5 – 7 LPM
    • CCW50: 3 – 5 LPM 

For detailed instructions, click here.

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