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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Farming & Industrial

Award-winning sanitation, the easy way

Protect your guests, staff and time with healthy water that welcomes in simplified maintenance.

Say hello to worry-free water quality

Do more with less chemicals. Powered by the patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process), Clear Comfort AOP pool, spa and water park sanitation systems do the heavy lifting for you. So, your guests can enjoy amenities with clear, healthy and low-chlorine water.

Air & water that
patrons love

Take control of the health and comfort of your air and water quality for patrons' eyes, skin and lungs – free from harmful signs of DBPs.

Do more,
maintain less

Let your staff focus on what matters most with system care that needs 15 minutes each year and no special tools, training or downtime.

Lower costs,
better water

Have AOP do the hard sanitation work for you, and reduce the need for costly chlorine, other chemicals and energy-consuming UV.


Protect your patrons and staff from chlorine-resistant illnesses with AOP that’s third-party proven to reduce 99.99% of Cryptosporidium.

Protect your

Take comfort with an industry-leading 5-year system warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee and live support for your staff or service pro.

Hotels, resorts & Spas

Water parks

Water Fountains & Features


Simplified maintenance for happy swimming

You don’t have to be an experienced pool operator to provide members with Clear Comfort’s low-chlorine, clean pool water.

Your guests will enjoy healthy, fresh water while you & your staff take advantage of: 

  • No downtime for annual maintenance
  • An easy, annual 15-minute cartridge exchange
  • Low energy install & operating costs
  • Straightforward maintenance without special tools or professional training

5-Star water and air quality

Deliver the healthiest possible pool water and air quality by reducing disinfection by-products (DBPs) and combined chlorine by up to 90% with Clear Comfort.

All your patrons deserve a high-end amenity and with reduced DBPs Clear Comfort provides a superior pool and spa experience with:

  • Soft feeling water
  • Fresh air quality that smells crisp and clean
  • Relief from any potential respiratory problems
  • Clear eyes, clean skin, and protected bathing suits and hair

Certified to NSF/ANSI 50 & UL Certified Water Treatment Equipment for the U.S. & Canada

Our Products Are Proudly Made in the United States of America

Awarded the 25 Most Valueable Product (MVP) by Aquatics International


Meet demand for healthy water

Guests expect clean, fresh pool water and our current health-conscious world demands it.

To protect swimmers’ health and decrease your liability against water-borne illnesses, Clear Comfort destroys the bacteria Cryptosporidium by up to 99.99% which is the leading cause of illness in the water. 

To learn more, download our third-party Crypto reduction case study:

Interested in a Clear Comfort commercial system?

Your guests and members deserve the best possible swimming experience. Upgrade your amenities to healthy, clean water today and Swim Happy™