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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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CCW300A & CCW300 AOP System

Patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP Treatment For Entry to Medium Commercial Pools & Splash Pads

Commercial water treatment for hotels, universities, water parks, spas, YMCAs, recreation centers, professional athletic training facilities and more nationwide. Powered by our patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP Technology.

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  • Typical Application: Entry Commercial Pools and Splash Pads
  • Max. Water Flow Rate: 350 GPM
  • Dimensions: 25”H x 30”W x 25”D
  • Typical Application: Medium Commercial Pools and Splash Pads
  • Max. Water Flow Rate: 700 GPM
  • Dimensions: 25”H x 30”W x 25”D
  • Easy System Maintenance
    • The quickest and easiest AOP to install and maintain without lamps, special tools, professional training or annual downtime.
  • A Fast & Flexible Install Options
    • A simple & minimal footprint installation with Inline Diffuser, Surge Pit Diffuser or Venturi Install Kits
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee *
5-Year System
Industry-Leading Customer Support

Superior combined chlorine reduction

Reduces harmful combined chlorine and provides the best water and air quality that UV pool systems can’t, all while reducing chemical costs – instead of increasing them.

Save 30% to 50% of chemical use

Our patented and industry-leading direct hydroxyl injection AOP enables you to reduce 30% to 50% of chlorine, enzymes and other chemicals.

Get proven Crypto protection

Protect your swimmers, staff and reputation with effective supplemental disinfection that’s university laboratory proven to kill 99.99% of chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium.

Choose trusted product quality

Clear Comfort’s low-chemical pool systems are protected with a 5-year system warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee.*
*Money-Back Guarantee requires sign up prior to purchasing. See Terms.

Is the Clear Comfort AOP system right for my facility?​​

Take a closer look at the award-winning Clear Comfort CCW300A and CCW300 AOP system for entry to medium commercial pools and splash pads.

Low-Touch Water Care

Non-corrosive water that reduces up to 50% of chemical use


Only needs a 15-minute cartridge exchange each year

Flexible Install Options

Simple one-hour Inline and Surge Pit Diffuser Install Kits 


How to maintain the CCW300A & CCW300 AOP system

The only system maintenance required for Clear Comfort’s CCW300A, CCW300 and CCW500 is a 15-minute Cartridge exchange each year.

Replacing your Cartridge is an easy and simple process that doesn’t require any special tools or training.

Improve your facility with better air and water quality

Clear Comfort’s commercial pool and spa disinfection systems are the easiest advanced oxidation (AOP) to install and operate while helping your facility:

How much does a commercial Clear Comfort AOP system install cost?

What our customers say

See what real customers have to say about their low-chemical AOP supplemental sanitation systems.

Travis T.
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Excellent system that is easy to use/trouble shoot. I have used UV in the past and was skeptical at first but I was pleasantly surprised. Water clarity has improved, Combined Chlorine readings were cut in half on all three bodies of water, and our primary disinfection usage has gone down (we use a bleach based liquid Chlorine-this has allowed longer times between fills). No by-products with the positive results either. Noticeable change in overall air quality by customers and staff. It's also nice to know you don't have to complete a bulb change either-the system is very user friendly and does not require more practiced hands. Highly recommend especially as an alternative to UV and the high costs. See Zach Morris for a comfortable/painless install.
Chris B.
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Zach at Clear Comfort has been great to work with and the product has improved the chemical balance in my pools dramatically. Highly recommend!
Travis M.
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I am in management for a large pool company in central California, I manage routes and pool techs , equipment installs and repairs, and also run our companies reverse osmosis trailer , you could say im pretty familiar with every product that is out there for pool sanitation as all the ones that dont work and all the issues involved with balancing water chemistry in a pool "properly " (always on LSI , if you dont know it Google it and start doing it).We have a few customers in the past who had the Clear Comfort older models and I never really understood who installed them or what they were or how they worked. Since then I have done my research and found that this is one of my FAVORITE sanitation systems (especially coupled with a u.v. light)...
Gregory S.
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Clear Comfort? Hydroxyl radicals? After 37 years in the Industry, my initial (uninformed) opinion was “oh no another miracle solution!” Boy was I wrong. Not only are the claims accurate, the support and professional assistance provided by the support team – both at point of Sale and post-Sale – allied to the ease of use and water quality results have exceeded all claims. We have a client who was so thrilled with the CCW100 that we installed on his swimming pool, he purchased a CCW50 for his Hot Tub... Is this a recommendation? Absolutely.
Matthew B.
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Great system. Has helped my agency save on chemical usage for my hot tub and is easy to use and get set up. Staff is friendly and quick to respond to any questions.
Jim C.
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I purchased Clear Comfort system after much research over 3yrs ago and have zero regrets. It has enabled me to minimize chlorine usage; water has remained crystal clear, and has a ‘softer’ feel to it. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to augment their pool system setup.
Donna C.
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We've been very pleased with this system for our pool. The water is clear and clean with no eye discomfort or damage to bathing suits. It is easy to maintain for even a novice pool owner like me. I can't say enough about the technical support and the kindness of the sales and support staff. Louie is the best customer service representative I've encountered at any company...

Interested in a Clear Comfort commercial AOP system?

Find a dealer or pool service provider in your area that carries Clear Comfort’s AOP supplemental sanitation systems for pools, spa, water parks and more.