CCW50 AOP System

For Residential Spas and Small Pools

The Clear Comfort CCW50 AOP spa & small pool system delivers easiest way to get the best, healthiest & freshest-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels.


Best-in-class treatment for water ranging from spas and hot tubs to small residential pools


Optional Installation Kits and/or Manifold available


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
3-Year System Warranty

ANSI/NSF 50 | UL 1563 | EPA Section 7 FIFRA Act
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Today's best AOP™ for the best water

With the Clear Comfort CCW50 AOP system, you’ll experience the best possible pool and spa water inspired by nature. Powerful hydroxyl radicals destroy contaminants on contact and eliminate the harmful disinfection by-products created during chlorine sanitation.

Reduced exposure to toxic chemicals

Experience clean, healthy and fresh-feeling water that minimizes your exposure to toxic spa chemicals and harmful disinfection by-products.

Easy & quick system maintenance

Easy system maintenance with an annual 5-minute cartridge exchange.

Trusted quality

Our products are protected with industry-leading system warranties and money-back guarantees.

Excellent customer support

Get direct help from our dedicated live customer support team.

Is the CCW50 AOP spa & small pool system right for me?

Take a closer look at Clear Comfort’s award-winning CCW50 Hydroxyl-Based AOP treatment system for residential spas and small pools.


Clear Comfort’s residential systems come equipped with LED indicator lights to help you know your system is operating properly. 

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Easiest system maintenance requires only an annual 5-minute cartridge exchange.

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Operational light that is always illuminated.

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Sit back and soak in the best water available

With Clear Comfort’s low-chemical water treatment system, you’ll notice the soft feeling of clean, clear water and the revitalizing difference on your skin, eyes and hair. Without the negative effects of disinfection byproducts, you’ll be able to breathe deeply without the heavy scent of chlorine.

  • Softer, silkier water
  • No chemical odor
  • No red eyes

How much does the Clear Comfort CCW50 AOP spa & small pool system cost to install?

The price of a Clear Comfort CCW50 AOP system installation will vary based on your pool or spa and factors determined by the selected installer. Watch the below video and let us take a bit of the guesswork out of your estimated costs to help you plan your purchase.

What factors affect the cost of installing my Clear Comfort system?

The installed cost of the Clear Comfort CCW50 AOP system may vary and there are a number of reasons why pricing could differentiate from spa to spa or pool to pool including:

Your existing spa or pool plumbing

While the Clear Comfort system is quick and easy to install, the specific plumbing of your pool may increase or decrease the installation time depending on the complexity or location. 

Understanding Clear Comfort's installation

Installers may not be familiar with the Clear Comfort AOP system.  While our Customer Success team is prepared to answer any questions they may have, this new introduction to Clear Comfort could cause extra steps.

Your spa or pool needs

Depending on the size or any custom design elements of your spa or pool, installers may require additional resources to accommodate the specific needs of your system to ensure everything runs properly.

Replacing existing systems

If you are requiring the installer replace an old system such as UV or salt cell, this added task may require more time and resources to ensure proper removal and replacement with the Clear Comfort system.

Deanna H., California

“The water is always clear—there is no smell, there is no skin irritation, no red eyes. You can just jump in and swim any time of the day or night and know that you’re getting into clear water.”

Margaret W., Colorado
“Our own perfect paradise. No more chlorine or harmful chemicals for this family!”

Pat S., Arizona

“Such a wonderful and easy-to-maintain system that keeps the pool water sparkling and healthy with little work and expense.”

Certified to NSF/ANSI 50 & UL Certified Water Treatment Equipment for the U.S. & Canada

Our Products Are Proudly Made in the United States of America

Awarded the 25 Most Valueable Product (MVP) by Aquatics International

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