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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

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Welcome to the future
of water treatment


Your water's protection is our mission

Whether you're treating water on a small or large scale, our commitment to protecting your water remains the same.
Healthy and Nontoxic
Third-Party Tested
Certified and Awarded
Powerful Scalability

The Clear Comfort story

What started as a small experiment tested in a bathtub became a revolutionary water treatment discovery now known as the Clear Comfort Hydroxyl-Based AOP (advanced oxidation process).

For three decades, a building engineer endured working with toxic chemicals that left burns on his hands and holes in his clothes. It was when he was working with water towers at a hospital that he realized the life-or-death impact of traditional chemicals – igniting his search for a healthier alternative. Soon he made a bathtub-tested AOP prototype that would forever change how we treat water.

While we’ve grown, our mission has remained clear: to treat water better with minimal need for toxic chemicals. Today, our industry-leading AOP solutions are forging a future where water treatment isn’t just effective, but also healthy, simple and sustainable.


Who we are

With our modern approach to water treatment, there’s never been a more comfortable way to protect yourself. Join the Clear Comfort and start treating your water with peace of mind.

We believe your water quality directly impacts your quality of life. Clear Comfort began with a vision to harness the power of innovative technology and user-friendly designs to help the world treat water better to play and thrive. Our award-winning lineup of Clear Comfort AOP solutions protects water from things that toxic chemicals alone can’t – without compromising ease, health or our planet. 

At Clear Comfort, we strive to make every swimming experience healthy, eco-friendly and happy.


Inspired by nature,
backed by science​

Our patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP technology harnesses the power of hydroxyl radical, the most reactive oxidizer available for water treatment. Arming your water with hydroxyl radicals means much more than reducing the need for toxic chemicals –it ensures your water is protected from the toughest chlorine-resistant illnesses. 

Our earth’s atmosphere naturally creates hydroxyl radicals to make it clean and breathable. In the water, these radicals destroy the unwanted contaminants on contact without toxic chemical additives or leaving harmful by-products. The result is maximized water quality and minimal need for toxic chemicals.


Award-winning treatment,
certified technology

25 Most Valuable Product (MVP) by Aquatics International​
blooloop Innovation Awards 2021 1st Place Winner, Sustainability
Top 50 Pool, Spa Product by Pool and Spa News
Best Companies To Work For in Colorado by Zippia
Colorado Company to Watch by Colorado Biz Magazine
CYA Smart Alliance™ Co-Founding Member
Certified to NSF/ANSI 50 & UL Certified Water Treatment Equipment for the U.S. & Canada
EPA Est. No. 91122-CO-3: Registered to Section 7 of the FIFRA Act
Our products are proudly Made in the United States of America​

ZDUZ: Water Softeners, Demineralizers and Water Treatment Units
Certified Model(s): AG140, AG230, AG300, AG310, AG320, AG330HP, AG330LP, AQ140, AQ230, AQ320, AQ330, CT100, CT110, CT120, CT130, CT140, CT200, CT210, CT220, CT230, CT240, ID140, ID230, ID300, ID320, WW140, WW230, WW320, WW330

ZDUZ7: Water Softeners, Demineralizers and Water Treatment Units Certified for Canada
*Certified Model(s): AG140, AG230, AG300, AG310, AG320, AG330LP, AQ140, AQ230, AQ320, CT100, CT110, CT120, CT130, CT140, CT200, CT230, CT240, ID140, ID230, ID320, WW140, WW230, WW320

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company AG and CT Series Chemical Generators to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects.


Clear Comfort is the industry-leading solution for recreational, farming and industrial water treatment solution around the world.


Clear Comfort acquires Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company

Play Founding

Clear Comfort is founded for pools, spas, waterparks and other recreational water treatment.

Thrive Founding

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is founded for cooling towers, agriculture, livestock drinking water, wastewater, aquaculture and other industrial water treatment


 First commercial cooling tower Hydroxyl-Based AOP prototype installation


In search of a healthier way to treat water, our inventor began developing the first Hydroxyl-Based AOP prototype


Meet our team

Get to know the people leading the way of AOP water treatment at Clear Comfort.

Customer Success
Play Sales
Thrive Sales
Steve Berens
Steve Berens


Robert Headshot
Robert Fenwick-Smith

Executive Chairman

Doug Inskeep
Doug Inskeep

Chief Operating Officer

Kathy G
Kathryn Giansiracusa


Arin Headshot
Arin McNemar

Executive VP, Sales

Doug W Headshot
Doug White

VP Business Development, Livestock

Taylor Headshot
Taylor Robinson

VP, Technical Excellence

Zach Headshot
Zach Morris

VP, Customer Success

Jason B Headshot V2
Jason Beek

Vice President, Horticulture Sales

Gabby Headshot
Gabrielle Palumbo
Alex Hannah
Alex Hannah

Director of Biz Development, OEM

Mike Headshot
Mike Kraft

VP, Commercial Sales West

Sandi Headshot
Sandi Roe

Accounting Manager

Todd Jackson Headshot
Todd Jackson

Production Lead

Patrick Headshot
Patrick Curtis

Service Manager

JT Headshot
JT Sabine

Product Manager, Systems

Daniel W Headshot
Daniel Willis

Product Manager, Devices

Kevin Headshot
Kevin Horrell

Laboratory Manager

Jake T Headshot
Jake Tobey

Field Engineering Manager

Louie Headshot
Louie Warco

Customer Success Manager

Alan Headshot
Alan Butters

Customer Success Manager Pools & Spas

Lisa G Headshot
Lisa Goodman

Senior Sales Operations Specialist

Rita Headshot V1
Rita Setera

Operations Coordinator

Krystalanne Curwood Headshot - Low Res
Krystalanne Curwood

Event & Channel Marketing Coordinator

Brie Headshot
Brie Braach

Solutions Engineer

Alejandro Headshot
Alejandro Salgado

Mechanical Engineer

Tom S Headshot
Tom Schaefer

Technical Sales Director

Gabe Headshot
Gabe Falcao

Automation Engineer

Jessica Werner
Jessica Werner

Sales Manager, Western Region

Jennifer Headshot
Jennifer Labuda

Sales Manager, Eastern Region

Drew Headshot
Drew Schoenster

Account Manager

Gilbert Headshot
Gilbert Rico

Service Technician, Livestock Water

Jose Headshot
Jose Moran

Service Technician

Martin Headshot
Martin Campos

Service Technician

Jason Headshot
Jason Goodwin


John W Headshot
John Wardle

Field Implementation Professional

Avatar User Headshot
Tequilla Rico

Customer Success Technician

Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson

Assembly Technician

Matthew Headshot
Matt Whittaker

Assembly Technician

Corrick Headshot - Low Res
Corrick Murray

Assembly Technician

Neil Headshot - Low Res
Neil Wever

Assembly Technician

Jair Headshot
Jair Perez
Production Technician

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