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Who we are

We believe that swimming should be safe, sustainable and the best part of your day. Clear Comfort’s systems minimize your exposure to toxic pool chemicals and disinfection byproducts - so you can swim in clean, clear pool water that’s kind to your skin, eyes and lungs. At Clear Comfort, we strive to make every swimming experience healthy, eco-friendly and happy.

Inspired by nature,
backed by science

Our earth's atmosphere naturally creates hydroxyls to make it clean and breathable. Similarly, Clear Comfort’s advanced oxidation technology creates hydroxyls to help pool owners and operators maintain clear, clean and nontoxic water to benefit the health of our bodies and the environment.

We promise to make pools:



Crypto pool treatment MAHC sanitation | Clear Comfort commercial pool spa sanitation treatment system

Enjoyable & fun

low chlorine combined chlorine pool treatment| Clear Comfort commercial pool spa sanitation treatment system

Clear & clean

Our story

In April 2014, Steve Berens, CEO and co-founder of Clear Comfort, optimized a patented, proven industrial water treatment technology for pool and spa water treatment. The company manufactures all its products locally in Colorado. Clear Comfort is now operating in homes, hotels, universities, YMCAs, water parks, recreation centers and more nationwide. Since our beginnings, Clear Comfort has been named a:

  • Top 50 Product of 2017 & 2019 - Pool & Spa News
  • Most Valuable Product of 2017 & 2019 - Aquatics International
  • Colorado Companies to Watch Winner 2018
  • Colorado Breakout Cleantech Company 2014 - Colorado Cleantech Industries Association

Meet our team members

Steve Berens


Robert Fenwick-Smith

Executive Chairman

Doug Inskeep

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Kraft

Vice President, Commercial Sales

Alex Hannah

Director of Sales

Tom Schaefer

Technical Sales Director

Nick Rancis

Technology Advisor

Gabrielle Palumbo

Associate Marketing Director

Zach Morris

Director of Customer Success

Jeffrey Campbell

Director of Business Development

Louie Warco

Customer Success Manager

Sandi Roe

Accounting Manager

Alan Butters

Regional Sales Rep – East

Karla Irvin

Office Administrator

Geoff McKenzie

Marketing Specialist

Jessica Werner

U.S. Account Manager

Danny Drewry

U.S. Account Manager

Lydia Hamby

Production Technician

Sean Greenwood

Production Technician

Spencer Burden

Marketing and Sales Associate


Salivary Specialist