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It’s time to give your customers complete sanitation without harmful effects of chlorine or salt with Clear Comfort’s hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation systems. Clear Comfort dealer partners have access to sales training, marketing materials and technical support.

Pool water your customers will love

Residential pools & hot tubs

  • Chlorine free: Silky-feeling water that’s kind to skin, eyes, hair, pool surfaces and equipment.
  • Easy installation: Clear Comfort fits with existing pool pipes.
  • Self regulating: Simple maintenance with just one annual cartridge replacement.
  • Health conscious: Eliminate risk for allergies, asthma, rashes and other chlorine-related health issues.

All Clear Comfort systems are certified:
ANSI/NSF 50 | UL 1563| EPA Section 7 Act.

Commercial pools & spas

  • Chemical savings: Lower 50+ percent of chlorine use and annual maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced quality: Clean, soft-feeling water without pool odor.
  • Operational savings: System is non-corrosive to equipment and uses 90 percent less energy than UV.
  • Better secondary sanitation: Proven to destroy 90+ percent of disinfection byproducts and 99.99 percent of Cryptosporidium.
  • Easier maintenance: Improve chlorine level stability and spend less time balancing chemicals.

Clear Comfort's dealer partner benefits:

Established technology

An award-winning industrial water technology that’s been patented for premium pool and spa water treatment.

Increase sales

Keep up with customer demand and provide fresh-feeling, chlorine-free or low-chlorine water they’ll love.

No risk

All products are protected with a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days & a 5-year warranty.

Dealer direct

We help our partners with sales training, full customer support and custom marking opportunities.

What other partners are saying

Clear Comfort runs successful pool treatment programs with some of the largest pool dealers, retailers service providers, and more in North America.

“It’s real easy to sell it on that level, where you can sell it on the feeling and a lot of our clients purchase and make those decisions based on what kind of comfort they’re going to have added to their swimming.”
Rich Gallo, Pure Swim in California

A technology with proven results

Minimize chlorine levels

In third-party testing, a recreation center in Estes Park, Colorado reduced its total chlorine use by 70 percent in six months using Clear Comfort.

Read the case study white paper >

Destroy harmful Disinfection Byproducts

A YMCA swimming pool reduced the harmful disinfection byproduct haloacetic acid by 91.5 percent and trihalomethane by 84.8 percent, making it safer for staff and swimmers.

Read the case study white paper >

Eliminate Crypto risks

An independent study with the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Washington found that Clear Comfort’s system achieves a 99.99+ percent inactivation of Cryptosporidium in less than 60 minutes.

Read the case study white paper >

Reduce overall operational costs

Ocean First, a dive shop and swim school, reduced chemical consumption by 50 percent, eliminated $500/year for UV bulb replacement costs, reduced a $200/month electricity cost to $15/month and lowered water waste by 50 percent.

Read the case study white paper >

What other partners are saying

Rusty McFatter, owner of Rusty’s Pools in Jacksonville, Florida says he loves Clear Comfort because it leaves the pool fresh and odorless. Watch the video.

“I love my Clear Comfort. It’s fantastic, no chlorine smell, none of that white chalk on the skin when you come out. It’s like you’ve just taken a nice soft shower.”
Rusty M., Rusty’s Pools in Florida

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