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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Take the mystery out of growing your pool or spa business. As demand increases, becoming a Clear Comfort AOP dealer could mean the difference between meeting your customers’ expectations today – or playing catch-up tomorrow.

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Unlike others, our AOP systems can scaled from small spas to large waterpark, meeting any and all of your clients' needs.

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Becoming a Clear Comfort dealer means opening the door to exclusive opportunities. Our team provides the time, knowledge and resources your business needs to make sales, keep customers happy and grow.


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What our dealers are saying

Jonathan M.
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Had a great experience with Clear Comfort. Louie was the rep that helped me out with an AOP system on one of our pools, and he was very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend for anyone looking for additional ways of sanitizing their pool or spa.
George C.
Auburn, NY
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The Clear Comfort system runs on it's own. It allows us to operate with a Chlorine level of .05 - 1 ppm and this is fantastic. Set your Ph, Alk and CYA to the Clear Comfort recommended levels and the rest is magic. Best of all, they provide concierge service to advise setting your water where it should be. Louie is the service advisor that advised us. It is so superior to anything we have experienced in the past. We use our pool a lot more. The install was simple and straightforward. George & Mary Cuthbert Auburn, NY
Lee D.
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I am thrilled to finally own a pool and I have been super pleased that we decided to go with the Clear Comfort system. Not only is the product great (low chlorine levels rock for my wife's sensitive skin!) but their service has been top notch. Couldn't be more pleased with this company!
Ann B.
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We discovered Clear Comfort after looking for a system for our pool that would not pollute the environment or harm the wildlife in our area. Had we not discovered this system we likely would not have put in pool due to the negative effects of a salt or chlorine based pool on the local environment. Maintenance is minimal and the water quality is excellent. Highly recommended!! Much better than a salt or chlorine based pool. If you are like us - putting in a pool or spa to have more home activities during this pandemic, look at this system.
Terry S.
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We had a salt pool before we installed Clear Comfort 4 years ago. Our pool has never looked better or been easier to maintain. I would never go back! The Clear Comfort representatives are easily available, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. Clear Comfort is an excellent investment for a carefree, sparkling pool! Maintenance is minimal and the water quality is excellent. Highly recommended!! Much better than a salt or chlorine based pool. If you are like us - putting in a pool or spa to have more home activities during this pandemic, look at this system.
Dave M.
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This (really) is like a get out of jail free card. 20 minutes a WEEK at most and the water is marvelous. When I got the water tested yesterday, 3 different customers came in with huge empty chlorine containers and got them replaced . I smiled and shook my head. Thanks for making my pretty easy life even easier.
Travis M.
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I am in management for a large pool company in central California, I manage routes and pool techs , equipment installs and repairs, and also run our companies reverse osmosis trailer , you could say im pretty familiar with every product that is out there for pool sanitation as all the ones that dont work and all the issues involved with balancing water chemistry in a pool "properly " (always on LSI , if you dont know it Google it and start doing it).We have a few customers in the past who had the Clear Comfort older models and I never really understood who installed them or what they were or how they worked. Since then I have done my research and found that this is one of my FAVORITE sanitation systems (especially coupled with a u.v. light)...
Louise P.
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My name is Louise Perillo and I had a Clear Comfort System installed in my salt water pool . That was the best investment I ever made. I have allergies to anything that produces VOCs such as chlorine. The company I had a contract with to maintain my pool, was not taking of it properly. Unfortunately I ended up with major chlorine gasses being expelled into the air in my Lanai. I was not able to go into my Lanai for 5 months. I lost my voice, throat and nasal pain. It was a nightmare. I had another company try to fix it but to no avail. Thank God I found out about Clear Comfort System on the internet. I called spoke to Al Butters, who was amazing!! He knew exactly what needed to be done and explained that his system would absolutely take care of my issue...
Scott P.
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outstanding product from fantastic company with excellent customer service. having owned traditional chlorine and salt water pools in the past, i was eager to try something new. not only did we love the product, we retrofitted our spa as well. absolutely no aroma or taste and the water is crystal clear. it looks like drinking water and leaves nothing on your skin. anyone sanitizing their pool by any other method is missing the boat. greatly reduces the maintenance of the pool, and the amount of chemicals needed. could not be more satisfied.
Scott M.
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This is an amazing product that truly works as advertised. I have been swimming in a 55,000 gallon pool without chlorine for three summers now and could not be more pleased with the product. My cartridges lasted for three always on five month seasons. They were easy to replace when the time did come and, other than that, there has been no maintenance of the system at all. My two units use 30 watts of power and put 180 watts of extra demand on my variable speed pump (because of the Venturi injector). So 2 to to 4 cents an hour of pump use depending the price of electricity in your area... I could not be more happy with Clear Comfort.
Matt R.
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We've researched numerous sanitization systems for our pools; from salt to UV/ozone, and AOP. The biggest issue we run into is training service tech's and home owners how to use/maintain these systems. Clear Comforts' CCW100 far exceeds any system we've used. It is so easy to use and maintain that even someone with no experience can do it. Beyond that, we are able to create a much healthier swimming environment by reducing the chlorine content by two thirds! We 100% recommend Clear Comfort...
Cedric S.
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I’ve had my salt water pool for almost 1 year now. Installed during construction is the Clear Comfort CC100 system. I’ve never had a problem. I rarely add chemicals. The water is clear all the time. Unlike my neighbors who don’t have this system, I set my Chlorinator at 25%. Theirs is set to 80% or higher. I love this hydroxi radical system (explaining it is another story).
Jim C.
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I purchased Clear Comfort system after much research over 3yrs ago and have zero regrets. It has enabled me to minimize chlorine usage; water has remained crystal clear, and has a ‘softer’ feel to it. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to augment their pool system setup.
Donna C.
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We've been very pleased with this system for our pool. The water is clear and clean with no eye discomfort or damage to bathing suits. It is easy to maintain for even a novice pool owner like me. I can't say enough about the technical support and the kindness of the sales and support staff. Louie is the best customer service representative I've encountered at any company...
Doug D.
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After growing up with a pool and now owning my second pool home, I can honestly say for the first time in 20 years goodby to all the chlorine related problems thanks to my Clear Comfort system. My water is the best it has ever been. My kids love it and my wife especially appreciates it being so healthy that the kids can spend all day without red eyes or asthma attacks. Many thanks too for the excellent product and water care support from Al and Louie. Best summer ever!
Bob H.
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Great experience with Clear Comfort. I had a salt system that was destroying my cool decking. Installed Clear Comfort, it's been perfect. I have had the pool version for a couple of years and once they came out with the spa version, I installed it. So nice to get in and out of the spa without smelling and feeling like chlorine or bromine. Love the fact that I don't worry about chemicals.
Matthew B.
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Great system. Has helped my agency save on chemical usage for my hot tub and is easy to use and get set up. Staff is friendly and quick to respond to any questions.
Gerry G.
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Clear Comfort is one of the best kept secrets because most home pool companies in industry will not sell it or no any thing about It (newer technology). Most pool companies, when they build you a pool or sell you a pool they want your long term investment as a return customer to buy their chemical products for your pool. This is where these pool companies make their real money. Through my research, I have found that both chlorine and salt pool systems are not all that healthy or stable. What I mean is, when you swim in chemical you can have respiratory problems, skin reactions, eye irritation and tends to destroy your equipment (even salt)...
Gregory S.
Read More
Clear Comfort? Hydroxyl radicals? After 37 years in the Industry, my initial (uninformed) opinion was “oh no another miracle solution!” Boy was I wrong. Not only are the claims accurate, the support and professional assistance provided by the support team – both at point of Sale and post-Sale – allied to the ease of use and water quality results have exceeded all claims. We have a client who was so thrilled with the CCW100 that we installed on his swimming pool, he purchased a CCW50 for his Hot Tub... Is this a recommendation? Absolutely.
Chris B.
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Zach at Clear Comfort has been great to work with and the product has improved the chemical balance in my pools dramatically. Highly recommend!
Jeanne B.
Read More
We love love love Clear Comfort! We actually did a lot of research before confidently choosing Clear Comfort. We chose Clear Comfort BEFORE we bought a house with a swimming pool. Knowing that Clear Comfort would be the healthy alternative to standard brominated sanitizers sealed the deal for us. Everyone at Clear Comfort are very knowledgeable and helpful with answering all your questions.
Travis T.
Read More
Excellent system that is easy to use/trouble shoot. I have used UV in the past and was skeptical at first but I was pleasantly surprised. Water clarity has improved, Combined Chlorine readings were cut in half on all three bodies of water, and our primary disinfection usage has gone down (we use a bleach based liquid Chlorine-this has allowed longer times between fills). No by-products with the positive results either. Noticeable change in overall air quality by customers and staff. It's also nice to know you don't have to complete a bulb change either-the system is very user friendly and does not require more practiced hands. Highly recommend especially as an alternative to UV and the high costs. See Zach Morris for a comfortable/painless install.

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