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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

How to Install With a Surge Pit Diffuser Kit

Please Note: *Diagram is not to scale.

Full System Diagram: Surge Pit Diffuser Install Kit #


  • For the best mixing and bubble removal, position the Diffuser below the gutter/main drain pipes.
  • Not all Surge Pits are designed the same. For additional installation questions, please use the information below to contact Clear Comfort’s customer success team.

Surge Pit Installation Kit Contents #



How to Install Your Clear Comfort System With a Surge Pit Diffuser Kit #

  1. Mount the Clear Comfort system near the surge pit to minimize the length of blue Air Tubing.
  2. Mount the Air Compressor near the Clear Comfort system. Connect blue Air Tubing from the Compressor’s barb fitting to the bottom of the Clear Comfort system’s flowmeter (attached to the right side of the system) and secure with hose clamps.
  3. Thread the included Compressor Silencer/Filter into the Air Compressor’s open intake port.
  4. Run Air Tubing from the Clear Comfort System into the surge pit.
    • If needed, core drill through concrete floor.
    • If tubing needs to cross a floor, route Air Tubing through grating or hatch and use conduit that is secured to floor.
  5. Connect the barb fitting(s) and Diffuser(s) to the PVC Diffuser Manifold(s). Important: Do not over-tighten diffuser, cracking of the PVC tee may occur.
  6. Connect Air Tubing to the Diffuser barb fitting(s) and secure with clamp.
  7. If installing a CCW300 or CCW500 system, connect the included 1/4″ splitter barb fitting to the Air Tubing at the bottom of the surge pit. Then, connect Air Tubing from the splitter to each Diffuser and secure each connection with clamps.
  8. In the surge pit, position Diffuser(s) near the location that water enters the pit and away from the pump suction.
  9. Mount the Junction Box on a wall. Insert the Clear Comfort system cord into the Junction Box’s open watertight strain relief fitting and connect wires to the provided lever nuts: green to green, black to black and white to white.
  10. Plug in the Junction Box’s power cord, press the Clear Comfort system’s power button ON and use the flowmeter’s adjustment knob to set the flow rate.
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Updated on August 10, 2022