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How to Exchange Your Cartridge

Video: CCW100 & CCW50 Cartridge Exchange #

Instructions: CCW100 & CCW50 Cartridge Exchange 

To keep the Clear Comfort system working its best, the Cartridge Unit must be exchanged annually. No other system maintenance is required. 

If the Yellow LED Light is ON, your Cartridge will expire soon and it’s time to order a new replacement Cartridge. NOTE: Your new Cartridge includes a shipping label and packaging to return your old Cartridge to Clear Comfort for proper recycling.

Important Note: If the Red LED Light is ON, your Cartridge has expired & must be exchanged immediately to protect your water. 

To start your exchange and order your new Cartridge replacement, please visit: 

  1. Turn off and disconnect power to Clear Comfort system.
    NOTE: Never attempt to service unit while it is wet. Ensure all LEDs on system front are OFF.
  2. To disconnect Cartridge Unit from Control Unit, rotate the cable base on top of the blue Cartridge Unit a quarter turn and gently pull up.
  3. Remove the Air Tubing from bottom of Cartridge Unit. Push the old blue Cartridge Unit up and separate it from the Control Unit.
    IMPORTANT: Save and use the return label and packaging provided with your new Cartridge Unit to send your old Cartridge to Clear Comfort for proper recycling.
  4. To attach the new Cartridge Unit, align the side keyed brackets and push down.
  5. Reconnect the Air Tubing to bottom of the Cartridge Unit.
  6. Remove old Air Check Valve from Air Tubing and replace with the new Air Check Valve.
  7. Align the Control Unit’s cable base slot to the Cartridge Unit’s top connector slot, gently push down and rotate a quarter turn. Reconnect the system’s power and turn it on.
    NOTE: If strange light pattern occurs, follow the instructions linked here.
  8. For sustainability purposes, return your old Cartridge with the shipping label and packaging that was provided with your new replacement Cartridge.


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