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How to Install Your Valved Flow Meter

Video: Valved Flow Meter Installation #

Instructions: Valved Flow Meter Installation #

Instructions: Valved Flowmeter Kit Install #
  1. Install Steel Elbow Fitting
    Screw the Stainless Steel Elbow Fitting into the bottom hole on the Cartridge Unit. Make sure the Elbow Fitting’s outlet points forward.
  2. Temporarily Uninstall Bottom Fitting
    To make room for the installation, temporarily unscrew and remove the Flowmeter’s bottom fitting using a wrench on the threading’s flat faces. 
  3. Install Top Fitting
    Thread the Flowmeter’s top fitting onto the Elbow Fitting, do not over tighten. 
  4. Reinstall Bottom Fitting
    Thread the bottom fitting back into the Flowmeter. 
  5. Install Air Filter
    Thread the Air Filter into the Flowmeter’s bottom fitting. 


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