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Key Features & Operating Ranges for Spas

Key Features #

This manual describes how to install, operate and maintain the CCW25 Clear Comfort system. Installing your Clear Comfort system is a simple process that can be performed by any professional. This process can be performed in 2 hours or less on most spas and swim spas. After the Clear Comfort system is installed, it is ready to start treating the water immediately. The Clear Comfort system protects spa water (biocide, scale control and corrosion control) without the harsh effects of salt, chlorine, high cyanuric acid or high chlorine levels. The only system maintenance required with a Clear Comfort system is an annual 1-minute cartridge exchange and industry-standard weekly chemical balancing.

Electrical Operating Ranges  #

  • 110/230V 
  • 50/60Hz
  • Less than 1.0 Amp
  • Wattage less than 15 Watts

Note: Clear Comfort should only run when the pump is operating

System Specs #

  • System Capability: Full-Flow Water Treatment
  • Max. Water Treatment : 30 GPM  (gallons per minute)
  • Typical Application: Portable Spas & Swim Spas
  • Dimensions: 11”x5”x5” (not including mounting tabs)
  • Injection Method: Venturi, Forced Air
  • Operating Voltage: 110V to 230V (Self-Adjusting)
  • Power Consumption: Less than 15 Watts
  • Warranty: 3-Year System Warranty & 1-Year Cartridge Warranty
  • Indoor or Outdoor Spas: Either is suitable with the CCW25 installed under the spa cabinet.
    • Note: The CCW25 is cord connected and designed for under the spa cabinet only.
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