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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Microbial Water Sampling Guide

For E. Coli, Total Coliform, Total Aerobic Bacteria & Custom Plate Culture Analysis #


Bottle Specification for Bacteria Analysis #

  • Sample Bottle: Sterile or pre-purchased clean drinking water bottle.
  • Sample Size: 120 mL of water
  • Applicable For: E. Coli, Total Coliforms, Total Aerobic Bacteria, Custom Plate Cultures
  • Preservative: Sodium thiosulfate (For sources with oxidative disinfectants like municipal or treated process water)

Bottle Labeling (Required) #

Please fill out all information on the label attached to the bottle:

  • Facility/business name
  • Sample source location
  • Sample time and date
  • Sample type (baseline, monthly, random)

Note: Maintain consistent sample locations (tap, faucet, valve, etc.) for long-term evaluating treatment efficiency.

Sampling Procedure #

  1. Sample Collection Points:
    • Ideally, collect samples BOTH BEFORE and AFTER any water treatment.
    • Ensure the location is free from dust and high airborne particulates.
    • Disinfect sample tap before use with Isopropyl Alcohol, Bleach, or a flame.
  2. Sampling Tips:
    • Avoid (to minimize contamination risks):
      • Direct connections to cisterns, hot water heaters, or softeners.
      • Leaky faucets
      • Taps near the ground (to prevent back splashing)
      • Threaded/swing taps
    • Allow water to run for 5-6 minutes to flush out static water. Adjust time based on piping configuration and use.
    • Remove any tap attachments before sampling.
  3. Bottle Filling:
    • Fill to the top to minimize headspace.
    • Seal tightly to prevent leakage.
  4. Storage & Shipment:
    • Refrigerate until ready for shipment.
    • Ship the sample on the same day it’s taken.
      • If possible, overnight the sample to the laboratory with an ice pack on the day of sampling.
    • Please ship water samples to:
      • Clear Comfort Laboratory
        Attn: Order [Enter Your Order Number Here]
        168 CTC Blvd, Suite E
        Louisville, CO 80027

Have Questions or Need Assistance? #

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Laboratory team:


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Updated on December 20, 2023