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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

FAQ For Commercial


FAQ for Commercial Aquatic Facilities #


Popular Questions #

Clear Comfort’s commercial AOP can treat any pool size. Clear Comfort is improving water care in universities, water parks, recreation centers, health clubs, resorts, YMCAs, spas, professional sports teams and more nationwide. For more information on water treatment capability, please download our Commercial Aquatic Facility Products Sheet here.
Yes, all commercial Clear Comfort AOP systems include a 5-Year System Warranty and a 1-Year Warranty for the Cartridge.

Yes, Clear Comfort is proven to reduce up to 50% – 90% of DBPs. In an independent case study, Clear Comfort’s Hydroxyl-Based AOP successfully reduced 55% more combined chlorine and 22% more DBPs than medium-pressure UV pool systems. 

Maintenance & Operations #

The only system maintenance required with Clear Comfort is a quick, annual Cartridge Exchange that takes around 10 minutes.  Exchanging a Clear Comfort Cartridge is easy for all service skill levels and doesn’t require lamps handling, special tools or annual downtime.  To see how to change your Cartridge, please watch our instructional video here.
Yes, by lowering the organic load and chemical demand, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) goes up. Aquatic facilities typically reduce 30% to 50% of chemical consumption once Clear Comfort is installed. The graph below provides a clear picture of the potency of hydroxyl radicals: Hydroxyl Pool | Potency of Oxidizers | How to Protect Your Pool Against CryptoHow to Protect Your Pool Against Crypto | Clear Comfort AOP Pool Systems
Clear Comfort’s Cartridges must be exchanged after one year of continuous use. We track every delivery and will reach out when your next Cartridge Exchange is approaching. In addition, each commercial Clear Comfort system includes a Cartridge Service Log, so you can record your latest Cartridge install date and plan for the next exchange. If you have questions about your next Cartridge Exchange, please contact our Customer Success team:

Set Up & Installation #

Clear Comfort’s Installation Kits can be deployed in one hour or less with minimal downtime. Designed for simplicity, the Inline or Surge Pit Diffuser Installation Kits can fit in the tightest spaces with modest electrical requirements.



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Updated on August 12, 2022