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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Case Study: Sanctuary Medicinals’ Breakthrough in Plant Disease Control

Case Study: Sanctuary Medicinals' Breakthrough in Plant Disease Control | Clear Comfort CEA AOP Water Treatment
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In the fast-paced world of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), plant diseases and pathogens wreak havoc on crop health, operations and profitability. This was particularly true for Sanctuary Medicinals, a leader in cultivating hemp products. 

The facility struggled with plant diseases like Fusarium oxysporum, which threatened both plant health and operational expenses from biofouling equipment. Seeking a preventative solution, Sanctuary Medicinals tried the Clear Comfort AOP (advanced oxidation process) water treatment, leading to breakthrough plant disease and pathogen control.

The Problem

At Sanctuary Medicinals, plant pathogens were more than a nuisance; they were a significant threat. Plant diseases and pathogens jeopardize plant health, production and overall profit. Traditional water care methods ended up wasting costs on water use, fertilizer consumption and operational time troubleshooting pathogens.

When pathogens are detected in the water at CEA growing facilities, immediate action is crucial. CEA facilities must identify pathogens with rigorous microbial testing of irrigation water samples. Once identified, CEA facilities try to stop the spread of pathogens with targeted treatments, typically using chemicals. Additionally, it’s best practice to clean out the entire irrigation systems to help eradicate pathogens and prevent their return. Finally, facilities reassess their CEA water management and equipment to prevent crop damage in future outbreaks. Similarly, this final proactive protocol is what brought Sanctuary Medicinals to Clear Comfort AOP water treatment. 

The Solution

To maximize plant yield, quality and water usage, Sanctuary Medicinals implemented and monitored the Clear Comfort CEA AOP water treatment system. Formerly known as Silver Bullet Water Treatment, the Clear Comfort offers a unique patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP water treatment technology that makes hydroxyl radicals. These radicals tackle stubborn plant diseases and pathogens on contact in a gentle yet effective way. 

Hydroxyl radicals are the most fast-acting oxidants available in water treatment, making them ideal for CEA water management. While hydroxyl radicals are very potent oxidizers, they only last for fractions of a second. This process “resets” the water without leaving harsh residuals behind in the water, like traditional methods. This concept is known as Fertigation-Ready Water™. Additionally, “resetting” the water lets CEA growing facilities maximize fertilization, nutrient delivery and water reclamation. 

Clear Comfort AOP water treatment offers CEA growing facilities various opportunities to operate more efficiently and profitably. Not only does it effectively control pathogens, but it also does so in a way that’s safer for both plants and humans. It results in consistent plant quality, stretches operational budgets further and predictable operations without pathogen headaches.

The Result

Through meticulous monitoring, Sanctuary Medicinals saw a breakthrough reduction in plant diseases and pathogens, resulting in consistently healthier and higher-yield crops. However, improvements Sanctuary Medicinals achieved with Clear Comfort AOP water treatment extend well beyond just plant health. 

Plant disease and pathogens are a serious threat to CEA plant quality, production and profitability. With Clear Comfort, Sanctuary Medicinals had smoother operations without disruptive plant pathogen outbreaks. The facility also effectively managed biofilm fouling, resulting in smoother water flow, preservation of equipment and less associated expenses. Additionally, Clear Comfort AOP helped Sanctuary Medicinals uphold local water use regulations through efficient water reclamation, reducing costs and environmental footprint.

“We haven’t really had to touch anything besides occasional cleaning out Y strainer. All set points, readings, backwashes, etc. are on point,” said Mike Goodwin, Cultivation Manager at Sanctuary Medicinals. “Thank you again for the constant communication, feedback and attention to detail when installing, commissioning and stabilizing this system for us.”


Sanctuary Medicinals’ proactive decision to add Clear Comfort AOP water treatment to its hemp plant production was a win for both crop health and operational efficiency. The CEA facility substantially improved crop yield, water reclamation and equipment integrity – with less time, money and headaches from plant diseases. Beyond the quantifiable advantages, Sanctuary Medicinals saw visually tangible water quality improvements. To see the before and after results, you can download the case study here.

Want to see the results? Download the full case study now »


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