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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Fertigation-Ready Water™: A Must-Have for Controlled Environment Agriculture 

Fertigation Ready Water™ | Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
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In the ever-evolving landscape of controlled environment agriculture (CEA), staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Today’s growing demand for hemp products and local fresh produce has called cultivators to rethink their water management. With the next generation of controlled environmental agriculture or “CEA V2” on the horizon, CEA leaders see Fertigation-Ready Water™️ (FRW) as not only beneficial but a fundamental requirement.

CEA V2 represents a new era of precision and efficiency in controlled environment agriculture. It demands advancements in every aspect of operations – and water management being no exception. 

Here’s why Fertigation-Ready Water™️ should be a non-negotiable requirement for CEA V2.

Why Does CEA V2 Need Fertigation-Ready Water?

1. Water Efficiency, Resource Optimization and Regulatory Compliance

CEA V2 places a higher emphasis on water efficiency, given the growing concerns over water scarcity. Fertigation-Ready Water excels at helping reclaim and recycle water, ensuring that every drop is used efficiently. Reusing water helps the sustainability and profitability of CEA V2. Additionally, minimizing the waste of water will help CEA growing facilities meet the emerging regulatory requirements for discharge and waste reduction.

2. Adaptability to Diverse Water Sources

Fertigation-Ready Water allows CEA growing facilities to easily source water from various locations, like well water, municipal sources or rainwater harvesting. Fertigation-Ready Water is versatile and capable of treating all types of source water, ensuring it meets the stringent quality standards required for CEA V2. This allows CEA growing facilities to confidently tap into diverse water sources, without compromising crop health or quality

3. Consistent and Predictable Results

Precision is the hallmark of CEA V2, and Fertigation-Ready Water delivers exactly that. It provides the consistent and predictable water quality needed for maintaining precise control over nutrient delivery to plants. With this Fertigation-Ready Water treatment, CEA V2 cultivators and operators can have full confidence in achieving the desired results, harvest after harvest.

4. Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is at the core of CEA V2’s ethos. The Fertigation-Ready Water’s ability to recycle water reduces waste and conserves resources. By minimizing the environmental impact of water usage, Fertigation-Ready Water complements the sustainable practices that CEA V2 aims to promote.

Fertigation-Ready Water: Key Takeaways

In the realm of controlled environmental agriculture, CEA V2 represents the next phase of innovation. It’s a world where every element of CEA operation meets the highest standards of efficiency, sustainability and predictability. Fertigation-Ready Water is not only a beneficial addition to CEA V2 – it’s an essential requirement. CEA growers who take advantage of this water treatment advancement are poised to thrive in this new era of indoor agriculture, reaping rewards of resource optimization, consistency and environmental responsibility.


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