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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

Ozone vs Salt Water Pools: Salty, Sour or Well-Balanced Sweet Water

Ozone vs. Salt Water Pools: Salty, Sour or Well-Balanced Sweet Water | Clear Comfort AOP
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If you’re a homeowner getting ready to build a pool, you eventually come to the point where you must decide how your pool water will be treated and disinfected. It’s not as glamorous as picking the design of the pool, play features, lights or fire pits, but it can actually be one of the most important steps. 

Many homeowners do not want to treat their pool using the traditional, “chlorine-only” method. Some people have allergies or sensitivities to chlorine and the by-products produced by using chlorine-only pool disinfection can cause irritation and be harmful to your health. For this reason, many are opting for “chlorine alternatives”, such as ozone, salt systems or AOP systems to disinfect their pool water.

Salt Chlorine Generators: A Salty Form of Chlorine

One of the most popular water disinfection options for pools is salt water systems, also known as salt chlorine generators. Salt water pools typically give homeowners “softer” feeling water that is gentler on skin an eyes compared to traditionally chlorinated pools. They also are easier to maintain and allow you to avoid handling and storing unsafe chemicals.

What many people don’t realize about salt water pool systems is that they are not actually an alternative to chlorine, but a different way to produce chlorine. Salt water pools generate chlorine naturally through a chemical reaction called electrolysis. 

While salt chlorine generators can allow you to reduce some of the irritation and maintenance that comes with traditionally chlorinated pools, they are still adding chlorine to the water and can still produce the same chlorine smell and irritation. Salt chlorine generators are also corrosive to pool surfaces which can lower the value of your pool investment.

Ozone Pool Systems: Avoiding a Sour Experience 

Ozone generators can be a good option for people who want to use less chlorine in their pools because they are able to handle some of the work that chlorine would typically do. These ozone systems inject ozone gas into the pool, oxidizing the water and destroying pollutants. Ozone is a more potent oxidizer than chlorine and produces fewer side effects. 

However, ozone generators generally require other complex systems such as degas vessels or ozone destruct chambers in order to function properly. These systems can be difficult for pool owners and technicians to maintain, making them a high maintenance option for pool disinfection. Also, ozone can cause corrosion to pool surfaces which will depreciate the value of your pool investment.

A New Approach to Sweet Swimming: AOP Pool Systems

AOP systems are a newer option for those searching for a chlorine alternative. Advanced oxidation, or AOP, works by producing hydroxyls, a safe and healthy method of water disinfection that occurs naturally in the environment. Hydroxyl-based AOP pool systems do not generate chlorine and can be very simple to maintain. 

The hydroxyl radicals produced by AOP systems are not corrosive to pool surfaces and are effective at eliminating pollutants and chemicals in the pool. An AOP pool will typically cause no chlorine-related irritation and will leave pool water looking clear, smelling fresh and feeling great.

If you’re looking to get the best water for your pool with the least chemicals and the simplest maintenance, look into AOP sanitation systems. AOP systems typically have more benefits than any other alternative with much less downside. When deciding on the right chlorine alternative for your pool, do the necessary research and discover modern solutions that are now available to you.

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