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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Town of Erie Pool Story: How a Grant Helped Save Time, Money & Energy

Town of Erie Pool Story: How a Grant Helped Save Time, Money & Energy
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Keeping costs down and operations smooth without compromising water quality is a challenge for any aquatic facility, and the Erie Community Center (ECC) is no exception. Since opening in 2008, the ECC has been a cornerstone of health and recreation within the community. But, keeping the facility’s pool water quality pristine became a challenge as its UV pool sanitation system aged. Matt Brown, Aquatics Coordinator at the ECC, faced this challenge head-on and sought an energy-efficient and cost-effective UV alternative.

The Problem

Originally, the ECC relied on a UV pool system for secondary sanitation. This means it works alongside the primary sanitizer, like chlorine or bromine. However, as the UV pool system began to age and malfunction, it posed a significant setback on aquatic operations.

“The UV system, which had been with the building since we opened back in 2008, was starting to show its age to a point where it stopped functioning altogether.”

In addition to its high energy use, the ECC’s aging UV pool system became increasingly costly and time consuming. Recognizing the need for a reliable secondary sanitizer to maintain healthy pool water with less need for chlorine and other chemicals, Matt researched other options. 

The Solution

To replace the failing UV pool system, Matt looked for an alternative that was cost-effective and aligned with the Town of Erie’s commitment to sustainability. After thorough research, Matt turned to the Clear Comfort AOP pool treatment systems. Having seen its success on the ECC’s hot tub, Matt wanted to test its effectiveness on the ECC’s main pool. After speaking with the Clear Comfort team, Matt decided to test the AOP pool system knowing the company offers a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Using a patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP (advanced oxidation process) technology, Clear Comfort AOP serves as supplemental or secondary sanitation to work with a primary sanitizer, like chlorine or bromine. The result is better water and air quality, protection from chlorine-resistant illnesses like Cryptosporidium, and less need for chlorine and other toxic chemicals.  

“We were lucky enough to get a rebate from United Power … specifically for the change from Medium-Pressure UV to Clear Comfort.”

Additionally, United Power gave the ECC an energy-saving grant to help fund its switch from a UV to the Clear Comfort AOP pool system. Clear Comfort AOP pool systems need less energy consumption, system maintenance and chlorine than UV pool systems. With Clear Comfort, aquatic operators typically see 60 to 90 percent better energy savings than with UV pool systems. 

The Results

Transitioning to the Clear Comfort AOP pool system was a game-changer for the ECC’s aquatic operations. With Clear Comfort AOP, the ECC saw substantial improvements in pool water quality, air quality, cost savings and operational efficiency. Additionally, the ECC saw tangible savings in both chemical and energy costs, with a notable reduction in chlorine usage. 

“The simplicity of it, the cost savings in both energy and chemical usage has been a significant difference.”


With Clear Comfort, the ECC achieved its objectives of maintaining pristine water quality, optimizing operational efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability. After installing Clear Comfort AOP, Matt confirmed that the Erie Community Center saw: 

  • Chemical savings: Extra funds in chemical budget, but data is being collected
  • Hot tub bleach savings: $500 to $1,000 per year
  • Energy savings: $2,600 annually
“I have a surplus in my chemical budget that I’ve never had in my past.” 

Ultimately, the ECC’s pool treatment upgrade marks a milestone in the facility’s commitment to environmental sustainability initiatives. Additionally, ECC’s can more easily provide its community with a healthier, safer and more sustainable swimming environment.

The Erie Community Center’s energy-saving grant for Clear Comfort AOP pool treatment exemplifies a successful solution for aquatic facilities facing similar challenges.

To take the first step toward better aquatic operations with Clear Comfort AOP, set up your personalized consultation here now


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