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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Post-Pandemic: A 3-Step Recipe to a Sustainable Pool Brand

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With more time being spent inside or online, customers are making purchases in new ways and for new health-conscious reasons. To put yourself in front of today’s pool buyers and stand out from competitors, here are three actionable steps that will grow your brand and business.

1. Leverage your resources

Your pool business wasn’t started alone and it cannot grow alone either. Aligning with supplier partners that can propel your business forward will deliver the long-lasting brand improvements we all crave. While much of our time is being spent securing product supply, now is the time to align your solutions with vendors that build value for your customers.

One example is Clear Comfort. The rapidly growing Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) leader has put its dealer’s first by providing total solutions that integrate beyond just its products. The company has delivered sustainable solutions that are integrated with multiple vendors to deliver the ultimate water care. A good representation of this is the CYA Smart Alliance, a new initiative formed to promote the safe use of cyanuric acid. These vendor efforts and materials will make it easier to communicate with your customers and, in turn, build your brand.

2. Adapt to customers’ new wants and needs

Past successes don’t guarantee future wins. It is important to adapt your offerings to the ever-changing wants and needs of customers. More than ever before, people value the…

To learn more about what today’s pool owners are willing to invest in, please read the full article on Pool & Spa News Magazine.  

Originally appeared on Pool & Spa News Magazine.

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