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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Clear Comfort Champ Award: Hines Pool & Spa

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In recognition of outstanding service in the pool and spa industry, Clear Comfort highlights a Champ that is going above and beyond for its customers and community. From dealers to aquatics facility operators and service technicians, Clear Comfort appreciates the value that these unique and talented individuals bring to the aquatics industry. 

In the “new normal,” our industry needs to commend these dedicated professionals for their continued work during these challenging times. This month, we would like to honor Hines Pool and Spa in Austin, Texas for their exceptional work in the pool and spa industry. 

From Humble Beginnings

Andy Hines, Presidential of Hines Pool & Spa, Inc.

After many years working for a small pool company in Austin, Andy Hines enjoyed his work in the pool industry so much that he decided to start Hines Pool and Spa. In 1986, Hines Pool and Spa began with just one account, a single vehicle and the firm belief that focusing on customer service mattered more than anything in building a successful business. 

Since that time, not only has Andy Hines become a pool and spa industry leader in Austin, but also on a national scale and has served on many industry associations and committees. As a certified instructor for the National Swimming Pool Foundation CPO (Certified Pool Operator) course, he regularly holds training sessions in Austin to train the next generation of pool cleaners and technicians. 

Andy Hines also wants his employees to see their time at Hines as a career and not just another job. In addition to providing competitive salaries and benefits, Hines Pool and Spa offer a retirement program. By showing commitment to its employees, Hines Pool and Spa promotes a strong commitment to its customers.

Remaining Customer Focused and Committed to Excellence

Today, Hines Pool and Spa has over 50 employees, 40 trucks and more than 2,000 residential and commercial accounts. Hines has kept the belief that customer service matters more than anything. How do they ensure that customer service is a way of life and not just a slogan?  Hines Pool and Spa, customer service begins with how each employee serves their customers. All of its pool cleaners and technicians are well-trained and certified to provide industry knowledge and professionalism. 

In addition, Hines Pool and Spa has been well-recognized for its work in the community as the #1 ranked pool service company in Austin, Texas for three consecutive years by Pool and Spa News in 2018, 2019 and 2020. 

Today’s Best AOP for the Best Pool and Spa Pros

Clear Comfort works with the best pool and spa professionals in the nation to improve water care, reduce chemicals and provide a better swimming experience for their customers. Clear Comfort’s patented advanced oxidation, or AOP, system uses powerful hydroxyl radicals that quickly destroy unwanted contaminants in pool and spa water, dramatically reducing chemical consumption, chloramines and other DBPs. With Clear Comfort, pools, spas, hydrotherapy tubs, water parks and more can get the best water quality with the least maintenance, allowing patrons and customers to Swim Happy™.

The Clear Comfort Champ Award

The Clear Comfort Champ Award is an achievement that honors the leading pool and spa industry professionals who go above and beyond standard practices. Throughout the year, Clear Comfort nominates a dealer, service provider or aquatics facility operator who deserves recognition for their exceptional work. A Clear Comfort Champ is someone who cares about the wellbeing of their customers, patrons and communities and proves it by providing the healthiest, cleanest and most enjoyable pool and spa water. In short, Clear Comfort Champs help the people they serve Swim Happy™.

To see how Clear Comfort compares to other water treatment systems like salt and ozone, download our free system comparison chart.


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