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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

Five creative Father’s Day gift ideas

Niche to Norm: The Pool Technology Tipping Point | Clear Comfort AOP Pool Systems
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Family On Holiday In Swimming PoolWith Father’s Day approaching, surprise your father with a new and innovative gift he can enjoy the fresh summer weather with.

We often purchase gifts for our significant others at the last minute, and it is a stressful challenge to make sure we get them something they will appreciate, and, more importantly, use. Forget getting your father yet another tie or sleeve of golf balls. Here is a list of five thoughtful summer gifts that would be a great addition to his outdoor lifestyle!

Sharper Image LED Pool Stool

After mowing the lawn or doing some yard work, what is it that your father loves to do? If he is anything like mine, he wants to get in his pool and have a nice cold beverage! Give him a great accessory to his leisure time with this LED Pool Stool so he can enjoy the water and his drink in style.

Hydro Hammock

Give Dad the surprise he deserves with Buzz Feed’s #1 “Most Ridiculously Awesome Product of 2015” with the Hydro Hammock. Whether he wants to use the hot tub hammock hybrid for some backyard relaxation or to watch the sun rise on a camping excursion, this gift is guaranteed to be a highlight of his summer.

Low-chlorine Pool System

This nature-inspired technology allows pools to have less chlorine levels than tap water. It will give your father even more of a reason to take a dip in his pool because he will not have to deal with the adverse chlorine side effects. It’s also self-regulating, so he can spend less time maintaining toxic chemicals and more time enjoying sustainable pool water.

Floating Golf Green

Let’s face it, our fathers are very conscious of the way they would like to spend their time after a long work week. The majority of fathers love to spend that time with their family, completing house improvement projects, or on the golf course. Well, now you can make all of these things happen at the same place with the Floating Golf Green! Give him a gift you are sure he can have fun with, in and out of the water.

The Floating Party Speaker

Lastly, forget the hassle of wires and the dangers of having his speakers ruined from water damage with this boisterous, water safe, floating speaker! This product is sure to complete his backyard network of fun.



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