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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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AOP Pool Sanitation Systems & the Future of Swimming Pools

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The future is officially here. Every year modern technology becomes more powerful and efficient, allowing us to increase productivity and improve results with less effort. And now, Advanced Oxidation, known in the industry as AOP pool sanitation, is bringing much needed technological progress to the pool disinfection industry.

For many years, pool sanitation methods have been stuck in the past. People were satisfied with the same mediocre results because they didn’t know of a better way. But over the past decade, AOP pool sanitation has been quietly revolutionizing the way we think about pool and spa water treatment.

Advanced Oxidation and the highly oxidative hydroxyl radicals it produces has existed in nature for millennia. Finally, it has become widely available as the best method for pool and spa water disinfection. 

Why Pool Owners Love AOP Pool Sanitation: 

More Powerful Disinfection

AOP technology is revolutionizing the pool and spa industry because it is by far the most powerful oxidizing system available. AOP systems create hydroxyl radicals, which are more potent oxidizers than chlorine, ozone, or anything else used in pool and spa sanitation.

Through the Advanced Oxidation Process, AOP systems rapidly eliminate contaminants in the water providing the healthiest and safest swimming experience available.

Safe and Natural Oxidation

Hydroxyl radicals are known as the “detergent” of the Earth because they are produced naturally in the atmosphere every day. They react with pollutants such as greenhouse gases in a way that “cracks” and decomposes them.

Hydroxyls produce no toxic byproducts and are completely safe even for pregnant women, children and the elderly. Unlike UV systems, which merely “inactivate” microorganisms, hydroxyl radicals actually oxidize pool water and completely destroy organic and inorganic contaminants at a cellular level.

Crypto Protection

In swimming pools, hydroxyls are able to quickly and effectively destroy 99.99 percent of Cryptosporidium, an increasingly common pool parasite that is resistant to chlorine. Hydroxyls break down the cell walls of organic and inorganic pollutants in the pool water, destroying even the toughest contaminants.

Reduce Chlorine Consumption and Chemical Demand

Because AOP pool sanitation systems do so much of the work that chlorine traditionally does, they allow pool owners to reduce their chlorine consumption down to drinking water levels or even eliminate chlorine altogether.

Eliminate Chloramines and Disinfection By-Products

Typically, when chlorine combines with pollutants in the pool water it produces combined chlorine, or chloramines, which are the main cause of chlorine smell and irritation. AOP systems eliminate chloramines and other disinfection by-products (DBPs), resulting in water that looks, feels and smells great.

More Free Available Chlorine

Because AOP systems eliminate chloramines and many other contaminants, they allow more free available chlorine to exist in the pool. This chlorine will work more efficiently as a residual sanitizer during the times that the system is not running, and in between turnovers.

Water Clarity and Quality

AOP technology oxidizes swimming pool water and removes the tiny particles left behind from lotions, gels, oils and other materials that cause the water to be cloudy, resulting in clear water that looks as great as it feels.

AOP also creates a process called “micro flocculation,”, which causes particles to clump together making it easier for your filter to collect them. This contributes to water that will not only be cleaner and look better, but it will actually feel better to the touch.

Safe, Healthy and Gentle Disinfection

Traditional chlorine pools and ozone pools create toxic byproducts that are unsafe for sensitive and frequent swimmers. AOP technology does not produce harmful or irritating byproducts – meaning people of any age, with any level of sensitivity health limitations, can all enjoy AOP-treated swimming pools.

Even those who haven’t been in a swimming pool for years because of allergic reactions, irritation or the risk of chemical exposure are now able to safely swim with their friends and family, all thanks to AOP technology. That is why a growing number of hydrotherapy pools have begun exclusively using AOP systems for their pool sanitation needs.

Gentler on Pool Surfaces

Ozone systems, salt-chlorine systems and traditional chlorine systems can be corrosive to pool surfaces, parts and materials. High chlorine levels in pools lower the pH of the water, making it more acidic. This will eventually lead to corrosion of pool surfaces, damaging expensive materials and costing you money. AOP systems are not corrosive at all and are completely safe for all pool surfaces.

Environmentally-Friendly Pool Care

AOP pool sanitation systems dramatically reduce chemical consumption, which by itself has a huge positive impact on the environment. Chlorine production is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. By allowing pool owners to safely reduce their chlorine consumption, AOP technology helps reduce environmental pollution.

Since AOP technology does not produce any chemical byproducts, it adds no toxins to the environment. This means that you can safely run your system day and night, and drain it whenever necessary without worrying about the environmental impact of putting toxic chemicals into the local ecosystem.

Some AOP systems, such as Clear Comfort’s pool and spa systems, use very little electricity at all. While UV systems often require powerful lamps that devour high amounts of energy, Clear Comfort’s AOP system is extremely energy-efficient, saving you money as well and helping the environment.

Simplicity and Ease of Maintenance

In addition to being the most powerful sanitation systems available, AOP pool sanitation systems can also be the simplest to install, use and maintain. For example, Clear Comfort’s unique and patented hydroxyl-based AOP systems require no ongoing maintenance. They only require a yearly cartridge exchange that can be performed without professional help in about five minutes. This kind of simplicity is almost unheard of in the pool sanitation industry.

Clear Comfort AOP pool sanitation systems are very easy to install, and once they are running there is nothing else you’ll have to do to keep the system fully functional. Since it does not run underwater, there are no difficult and expensive bulb cleanings or replacements as there are with UV systems or ozone-UV combination AOP systems. Overall, Clear Comfort’s hydroxyl-based AOP system is the simplest, most intuitive sanitation method available for pools and spas.

The Best Option

Pool owners are increasingly seeking alternatives to traditional chlorine and chemical water treatment. Since AOP systems work much more effectively than any other water treatment method including salt-chlorine generators, UV and ozone, it is becoming clear that Advanced Oxidation systems are the future of pool sanitation. There’s even a new saying among pool professionals – “Once you go AOP, you never go back.”


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