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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Why AOP Pool Sanitation: 7 Reasons You Wish You Knew Last Summer

7 Reasons Why Pool Owners Switch to Hydroxyl-Based AOP Pool Sanitation
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7 Reasons That’ll Make You Wish You Switched to Hydroxyl-Based AOP Pool Sanitation Sooner

When choosing your home’s pool treatment, you’ll notice that traditional pool sanitizers of the past are being left behind to make room for healthier and more effective chlorine alternatives. If you’re using an old pool sanitizer that relies on heavy chlorine use or corrosive salt, consider ways AOP pool sanitation (Advanced Oxidation Process) can improve your pool and life.

While there are a few AOP and other chlorine-alternative pool sanitation options available, not all are equal. During the current chlorine tablet shortage, take a look at the reasons why pool owners are switching to a patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation system.

1. It’s proven on water parks & ready for your pool 

In addition to being proven on water parks, the patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool technology is an award-winning water park sanitation method by the blooloop Innovation Awards. Originally adapted from an industrial water treatment technology, Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation is proven on everything from hot tubs to 1-million gallon wave pools. Why is that helpful for your pool? With Hydroxyl-Based AOP that goes above and beyond home pool treatment capabilities, pool owners can trust it’ll deliver clear, fresh pool water with just drinking-water chlorine levels or less. 

Not all forms of AOP pool sanitizers are recommended, or proven, to handle the sanitation power needed for water parks’ heavy bather load. Other AOP methods use a combination of older technologies that have been around for decades. Using AOP methods that aren’t suggested for water parks can increase toxic chemical use and reduce water quality.

2. Minimizes your risk of pool-related allergies & asthma

After swimming, many assume that irritated red eyes, dry skin, “pool” chemical odor and brittle hair are symptoms of chlorine, but it’s actually chlorine’s disinfection by-products (DBP). In pool water, harmful DBPs form when chlorine reacts to organics, like sweat, hair products, lotions and skin oils. Swimming and breathing in these DBPs can increase your risk of developing asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. When consumed in excess from drinking water, DBPs have been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer.

Without diligent routine UV lamp maintenance, other forms of AOP that use a combination of older technologies can rely on a higher use of chlorine, leading to increased DBP levels.

Download your free Alternative Pool Sanitation Checklist here »

Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation provides full-flow treatment that takes care of organics that form DBPs. By doing the hard sanitation work of traditional chlorine, you can enjoy swimming in drinking-water chlorine levels or less – and without DBP-related irritation and health concerns.

3. Only needs 5 minutes a year for system maintenance

If you want to spend more time swimming and less time squeezing pool maintenance into your schedule, Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation could help shorten your to-do list. To get the most out of your pool this summer, your pool sanitizer needs to do the hard sanitation work for you. With low-touch water care and an easy annual 5-minute cartridge exchange, Hydroxyl-Based AOP lets you swim more and maintain less. 

Other methods, like UV+ozone AOP pool system, involve system maintenance that requires special tools, delicate UV-lamp handling and professional servicing.

4. Silky, fresh & irritation-free drinking-water chlorine levels 

When choosing your pool treatment system, your comfort should be a priority. When Deanna H., a Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool owner in Porter Ranch, California, was asked about her pool’s water quality, she explained that it looks as good as it feels. 

“The water is always clear—there is no smell, there is no skin irritation, no red eyes,” said Deanna. “You can just jump in and swim any time of the day or night and know that you’re getting into clear water.”

With Hydroxyl-Based AOP you’ll experience swimming bliss in crisp, fresh-feeling and crystal-clear water with chlorine levels healthier than drinking-water. By minimizing chlorine and its subsequent by-products, you can enjoy pool and spa water that’s gentle on your eyes, skin, hair, bathing suits and overall health. 

Remember, not all chlorine-alternative pool treatment methods are worth your investment. Other comparable methods with or with a combination of older technologies tend to rely on increased chlorine and other toxic chemical use, while still leaving you with cloudy water. Additionally, despite popular belief, salt water pool systems are not chlorine-free. Salt systems generate chlorine from sodium chloride (NaCL) and still can accompany health risks from chlorine by-products. 

5. Uses the strongest oxidizer available for recreational water treatment

Technologies make our lives healthier and easier – and your pool treatment is no exception. So, how exactly does Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation work? This patented, one-of-a-kind AOP technology directly injects treated air in your pool plumbing to create high amounts of hydroxyl radicals (OH-), the most powerful oxidative compounds available for recreational water treatment.

Rather than injecting treated air, other AOP methods that combine two different ozone and UV technologies create hydroxyl radicals in pool water by dissolving ozone gas (O3) and passing it through a germicidal ultraviolet lamp (UV). Since ozone gas can be hazardous, it requires degassing to protect swimmers, equipment and pool surfaces. With Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation, high-amounts of hydroxyl radicals are created without ozone gas or required degassing.

6. It’s in-stock & ready-to-ship in the chlorine tablet shortage

If there’s a silver lining to the chlorine tablet shortage, it’s the opportunity for pool and spa owners to upgrade to a healthier, chlorine-alternative pool treatment method. Made-in-the-USA Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation systems have been a reliable way for pool owners to sanitize their water without relying on heavy amounts of chlorine.

This summer, save time and money searching for the chlorine that’s limited in supply and surging in price. Other chlorine alternative methods that still require high chlorine, cyanuric acid (CYA) and other toxic chemical use could leave you feeling the chlorine shortage stress and supply chain pain.

7. Its plug-n-play install (fits your existing plumbing) lets you swim ASAP

Upgrading your pool sanitation should be easy, like fitting in the last puzzle piece. Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation systems, like Clear Comfort, seamlessly fit in most existing pool plumbing configurations with ease. By only needing 11 inches of cut pipe to install a preassembled Manifold, Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation can be installed by most pool professionals in one hour or less. After the installation is complete, the system immediately starts treating the water – so you can enjoy healthy, refreshing, fresh-feeling pool water in no time. 

Say goodbye to the headache, time and costs associated with installing comparable AOP and other chlorine-alternative sanitizer methods that require complicated plumbing reconfigurations. 

A pool owner’s must-have: AOP pool sanitation

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your swimming pool’s water treatment to Hydroxyl-Based AOP pool sanitation before the swimming season is in full swing. You’ll enjoy a healthier, easier and more enjoyable pool ownership experience without the chlorine tablet shortage stress.

Want to know what to look for in pool sanitation? To get a better understanding of what differentiates a high and low performing alternative pool sanitation system, download our complete checklist here


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