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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

5 Ways Hotels Can Improve Guest Experience (and Save Money)

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Constantly evolving amenities and technologies available, make hospitality one of the most competitive industries. To set themselves apart from competitors – hotels need to implement tools that will enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, while also improving their bottom line.

Here are five ways hotels can gain guest loyalty and cut costs.

1. Self check in

In today’s digital age, guests want to travel as quickly and efficiently as possible. Self-service kiosks enable guests to check in at the pace they want.

An investment in check-in kiosks can cut labor costs and help hotel staff focus on other important tasks. With self check-in systems, employees who were checking in guests can spend more time promptly addressing guests’ requests, coordinating luggage collection and performing other daily duties.

In addition, a self check-in system is an easier way to store guest history, increase credit-card security and offer up sell opportunities.

2. Free wi-fi

Offering free wi-fi is an essential way to satisfy guests. Business travelers need wi-fi to get work done and vacation travelers want wi-fi for entertainment. While some hotels use upgraded wi-fi to make money, many guests will book a stay based off of free wi-fi availability.

To increase offerings, hotels can charge a premium for guests that want faster internet speeds. Offering free wi-fi is a necessity and an opportunity to differentiate from other hotel competitors.

3. Pool and spa sanitation  

Luxury hotels maintain odorless, fresh-feeling and clear pool and spa water to enhance the value of their amenities. Secondary pool sanitation solutions can cut chlorine use, improve water quality and enhance a facility’s reputation. Over chlorinated pools expose guests and staff to chemical odor, irritation and risk of respiratory issues.  

Advanced oxidation technologies, like Clear Comfort’s sanitation system, are proven to lower chlorine consumption by over 50 percent. By reducing chlorine use hotels can low chemical costs, promote sustainability and give soft-feeling water to guests.

4. HVAC system

Air conditioning and heating are major expenses for hotel operational budgets. Energy efficient HVAC systems are a cost-effective solution to keeping guests at a comfortable temperature all year-long.

HVAC systems shouldn’t be overlooked or seen as an unnecessary investment. Overtime, hotel’s see the return of investment on energy bills. Saving money on high energy costs, while consuming less energy for the environment is a win-win for hotels.

5. Guest feedback

The best way to know how to improve guest experience is to ask the guests directly. After a guest completes their stay, ask them to take a survey by email, text message or form fill.

Make the survey quick and easy so guests don’t start and quit halfway through. To increase the number of completed surveys, incentivize guests with a chance to win a prize at the end of the month.

Guest surveys give great insight to what hotels should continue to carry out or what hotels should stop investing time and money in. Once enough responses are collected, trends in guest experience will show. 

Guests are always looking out for new features and sustainability efforts in their hotel booking research. When used effectively, implementing any of these tips can result in happy and loyal guests.


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