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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Are you making these 5 pool maintenance mistakes?

Pool maintenance can be a hassle. By starting off on the right foot and keeping your pool properly maintained from the beginning, you can avoid headaches
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Are you making these 5 pool maintenance mistakes?If you stick to a regular routine, maintaining clean, clear pool water can be easy. However, if your break your pool maintenance routine or don’t plan ahead for extra water care after pool parties – it’ll cost you time and money.

Here are five common pool maintenance mistakes and how you can avoid them:

1. Not cleaning after pets in the pool

Recirculating pet hair in pool plumbing can clog filters and change pool water’s pH. If your pool is pet friendly, remember to ensure that all pet hair is removed from the water by cleaning the pool, skimmer baskets and filter the next day. 

2. Pool parties without post-party clean up

If you have a pool party, you’ll need to check and balance your pool chemistry after. To prevent algae growth after a pool party, you can brush the sides of the pool, adjust the pH, use a non-chlorine or chlorine shock and add an algaecide. If you have a pool technician, let them know about your upcoming pool parties so they can prepare.

3. Not running the pool pump long enough

Running your pool pump less might save you short-term money on electricity bills, but if you don’t run it enough it can cost you time, maintenance fees and chemical fees. When the pool pump isn’t running, your pool is at higher risk for algae growth. If algae has grown and your pool water is green, you’ll need to run the pump for 24 hours a day until the water is clean. 

4. Shocking the pool during the day

Warmer mid-day temperatures can increase the evaporation of your non-chlorine or chlorine shock. Remember to shock your pool during the evening or at night for the best results.  

5. Forgetting to brush your pool

While pool vacuums will clean up debris, there is no substitute for scrubbing and brushing the sides and bottom of your pool. Brushing your pool can remove bacteria, germs and algae. Remember to vacuum, skim and brush for the best pool water quality.

Just like taking care of a car or a home, regular pool maintenance will result in the best long-term quality.


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