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[Video] What Do Clear Comfort Bubbles Look Like?

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A common question we get about our AOP pool and spa sanitation is, “What do the bubbles look like?”

Unlike most sanitation systems, water does not pass through a Clear Comfort AOP pool or spa system. Rather, Clear Comfort’s patented Hydroxyl-Based Advanced Oxidation (AOP) sanitation operates by directly injecting treated air into your pool or spa plumbing to create hydroxyl radicals. In addition to keeping water fresh, clean and clear, these radicals are the most powerful oxidative compounds available for recreational water treatment.

Tiny bubbles are an indication that Clear Comfort AOP’s hydroxyl radicals are doing their job and oxidizing unwanted contaminants, bacteria and viruses – so you can enjoy the best water and air quality possible.

Wondering what Clear Comfort AOP bubbles look like in action? Watch our video of real-life Clear Comfort AOP pool and spa bubbles to see for yourself!

Please note: Bubble sizes can vary on different types of pool plumbing. 


*Originally published on: September 18, 2018

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