Recreation Center Reduces Pool Chlorine by 70 Percent: Case Study

Estes Park reduces pool chlorine with Clear ComfortA commercial pool in Estes Park, Colo. achieved a 70 percent reduction in total amount of pool chlorine used with Clear Comfort’s commercial pool system.

Why Reduce Chlorine

While chlorine is a common sanitizer, when it interacts with contaminants and organic matter, it creates disinfection byproducts. DBPs can be harmful to humans and cause lung irritation, red eyes, dry skin, and more serious health problems including asthma and bronchiolitis. In addition, DBPs cause the intense chlorine smell we all associate with public swimming pools.

The Results

The Estes Park Recreation Center pool serves as the only public swimming facility for the community and school district. In January 2015, the recreation center installed the Clear Comfort commercial pool system. After tracking chlorine use through July 2015 and comparing it with the same period one year before, After tracking chlorine use through July 2015 and comparing it with the same period one year before, Estes Park found it had saved 70 percent of its chlorine expenditure, saving the facility more than $1,000.

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Lauren McNitt

Marketing Director at Clear Comfort
Lauren loves swimming during the summer and relaxing in a hot tub after skiing, but the harsh chemicals limit the time she can spend in a pool. She's excited to bring Clear Comfort to others who share her enjoyment of swimming. Lauren is the Director of Marketing for Clear Comfort.