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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

PoolPro magazine features “a true chlorine alternative”

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In its latest issue, PoolPro magazine interviews Mr. Pool, a Colorado-based pool service company that is using a new chlorine alternative on its customer's pools. The Clear Comfort system, what PoolPro calls "a true alternative to chlorine," provides both primary and residual pool water sanitation without the need for chlorine. “Everyone is familiar with the customer who doesn’t want any chemicals in their pool,” Forrest Walterson, general manager of Mr. Pool, told PoolPro. After installing it in a customer's pool, he said, "Seeing that it’s effective has gotten us more on board for sure." PoolPro also spoke to Clear Comfort customer Henry Wernars. "They came and  installed this system in two hours,” Wernars said. “I haven’t had anyone back since. I don’t have to do anything. I have no maintenance. I have to clean it about once every two months. My water looks amazing, it feels amazing and I have no costs.”
chlorine alternative pool
Wernar's pool using the Clear Comfort system.
Read the full article. Learn more about Clear Comfort as the true chlorine alternative.  

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