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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Pool System Comparison: Salt Water vs Clear Comfort AOP

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Picking the right pool system for your home can be challenging – that’s why it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons before you make a final selection.

If you’re deciding between salt water pools and Clear Comfort pools, here’s everything you need to know about how their maintenance, health considerations and water feeling compare and contrast.

Salt Water Pools

How to maintain a salt water pool

Like any type of pool, salt water pools require maintenance to keep water clean and healthy. Salt water pools have to be tested on a weekly basis for water imbalances such as pH levels. Once a month, salt water pools should be tested for alkalinity, calcium and stabilizer levels and balance those accordingly. Similar to chlorine, salt water systems require manual handling and storage.

Salt water pools can be corrosive to pool surfaces and equipment if they aren’t maintained properly, which can lead to costly damage repairs. It’s recommended to open and visually inspect the salt cell every three months for any scale build up or any debris that may have bypassed the filter. Depending on the severity, a high-pressure garden hose can be used to try to flush out deposits or a mild acid wash will be required. In addition, filters, pumps and skimmers should be cleaned as well.

Are salt water pools healthy?

A common misconception people have about salt water is that it is chlorine-free. Salt water systems produce low levels of chlorine from sodium chloride (NaCL), commonly known as table salt. This happens due to a low voltage current in the salt cell that causes positively charged sodium cation to split from the negatively charged chlorine anion to form sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid respectively. The chlorine anion and sodium hydroxide act as the sanitizers in the pool, but they are purely chlorine-based.

What do salt water pools feel like?

Swimming in a salt water pool will be noticeably different if you were accustomed to swimming in an improperly balanced pool. Salt water pools produce lower levels of chlorine, which implies negative side effects including but not limited to chlorine smell, irritation on the skin, eyes and lungs and a fade in swimsuits and pool covers.

Clear Comfort AOP Pools

How to maintain a Clear Comfort AOP pool

As we previously stated, every pool – no matter what type of sanitation method is used – will require basic water maintenance. Clear Comfort pools need proper pool water chemistry balancing, like pH, alkalinity, TDS, etc., to keep pool water clean and clear. The system’s air flow must be measured on a monthly basis, using the supplied air flow meter. In addition, with little to no chlorine in the water, an algaecide must be used to prevent algae outbreaks.

Aside from regular pool water maintenance, the only required maintenance for a Clear Comfort pool is a 5-minute cartridge exchange after 10,000 hours of system use. The system’s red indicator light will light up when it is time to exchange your cartridge.

Are Clear Comfort AOP pools healthy?

Clear Comfort’s hydroxyl based systems kills cryptosporidium, which is a chlorine-resistant pathogen that is dangerous and causes pools to shut down every year. A low-chlorine pool means a decreased risk of asthma and respiratory allergies, less chemical handling, and a decreased exposure to carcinogens. Clear Comfort is less toxic to the environment as well, as chlorine is toxic to fish and aquatic species. Chlorine also consumes large amounts of energy which impacts our planet.

What does Clear Comfort AOP pool water feel like?

Clear Comfort leaves crystal clear and clean water that leaves no pool smell and will not irritate your eyes or skin. The water will feel soft on your skin and won’t damage pool equipment.

“What a joy it is to go swimming without all the chlorine and skin issues that can accompany chlorinated pool water. With Clear Comfort, the water even feels nicer and softer than the hard water we are used to in Tucson,” said Pam, a Clear Comfort pool owner from Arizona. “A friend’s daughter never learned to swim because she couldn’t handle the chemicals, and now she has the opportunity to finally take the plunge.”

What is the best option for your pool?

There are various methods that offer different benefits to your preferences. Whether maintenance is the top priority, the upfront cost of a system or the healthiest pool option, there is a pool that best fits your household. Ultimately, your lifestyle and priorities will determine the type of pool you wish to have.


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