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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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[Video] Home Pool Stories: A Non-Chlorine California Paradise

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For some, a home pool is a way to escape and decompress after the workday and for others, it’s a fun way to get active. But whatever you’re using your home pool for, you want to spend more time enjoying it and less time maintaining it – right?

That’s why George and Deanna sought a new pool treatment solution to replace the hassles and discomfort from their saltwater pool system.

Meet the Hills

Both George and Deanna Hill share a love for swimming, whether they’re relaxing on an inflatable lounge, swimming laps, hosting a pool party or playing volleyball in the pool with their family. However, George said that in 2016 when they moved to their brand new home in Porter Ranch, California they were hesitant on whether they should design a pool into the backyard “because of all the work in maintaining the pool!”

With a saltwater pool system, the Hill’s grew tired of the carrying and dosing bags of salt, scrubbing algae off the sides of the pool, maintaining chlorine levels and having the risk of corroding their plumbing supply with salt.

“I’ve had two other pools before. One was regular chlorine and other one was a saltwater pool and we wanted another alternative that did not dry our skin nor did it make our eyes red, especially with the kids, and that we could enjoy without a lot of maintenance,” said Deanna.

The Solution

The Hill’s search for a chlorine- and salt-alternative pool sanitation system lead them to try Clear Comfort’s hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation (AOP) pool and spa system. In 2016, this patented technology was new to the Hill’s and the pool industry, but the technology has been a best-practice for non-toxic water treatment in industrial water spheres for over a decade.

George explained his experience getting started with Clear Comfort, “I reached out and they were very responsive. We had a brand new pool installed and they worked with our pool contractor to explain how it works and how it needed to be installed into the system. They made it very much ease of use. It was a terrific experience in dealing with them.”

The Final Result

Today, George and Deanna say that Clear Comfort has helped their pool be sparkling clear, irritation free and easy-to-use.

The water is always clear, there is no smell, there is no skin irritation, no red eyes. You can just jump in and swim any time of the day or night and know that you’re getting into clear water,” says Deanna.

Their children and guests can now swim happy without the irritating effects of saltwater or chlorine systems, while Geroge and Deanna can save time maintaining the pool. While they have a pool service help balance pH levels and do other regular pool upkeep tasks, the only system maintenance required with their Clear Comfort system is a yearly cartridge replacement.

Deanna explains, “There is very low maintenance. All you have to do is watch for a light to change color and then you even have additional time after that to change the [cartridge]. It’s just plug-it-in and plug-it-out and you’ve got it. You don’t have to take the system apart or a call the pool guy you can do it yourself.”

George says, “The Clear Comfort system clears the water, it’s sparkling clear, and we have a lot more time to jump in the water and have fun.”

Watch our video to learn more about the Hill’s pool paradise!


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