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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

From Nature to Pool Treatment: What are Hydroxyls?

Why Swimming Pool Circulation is Important } Clear Comfort AOP Pool Systems

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  Clear Comfort’s AOP pool system uses a process that mimics how our atmosphere cleans our air. This process creates hydroxyls that do a better job of destroying contaminants in the pool than chlorine. But what exactly are these “hydroxyls”?

Hydroxyl Radicals in Our Atmosphere

Hydroxyls are often called “nature’s broom” because they keep the earth’s atmosphere clean and breathable. When the sun’s UV light combines with moisture in the air (H2O) and oxygen (O2) it naturally forms hydroxyls (OH-) and a little hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 gas) - which is different from the liquid peroxide you buy at a store. Hydroxyl radicals are negatively charged radicals that are unstable and highly oxidative. As the radicals look to stabilize, they seek out things like organisms and minerals. Next, the hydroxyls attach to cells and other contaminants, and they disrupt their composition causing breakdown and destruction of unwanted pollution, odors, harmful pathogens and other bad organic compounds.

Hydroxyl Radicals in Pool Treatment

To keep up with pool and spa owners’ demands for healthier pool water with minimal chlorine use, many companies have researched and developed Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) pool sanitation solutions that produce hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals are one of the most oxidative compounds available for use in pools, and their potency can keep pool water clean and clear with less toxic pool water chemistry. In pools and spas, hydroxyl radicals can destroy oils, sweat, bacteria and viruses without the toxic disinfection byproducts created by chlorine sanitation. Hydroxyls have become increasingly popular in the pool industry because they are strong enough to kill chlorine-resistant microorganisms like Cryptosporidium parvum – which has become a growing concern for commercial pools.

Which Pool Treatment Systems Use Hydroxyl Radicals?

Three popular pool sanitizers that use hydroxyls to clean water: are ozone, UV-ozone hybrid and hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation.


Ozone systems work by injecting toxic ozone gas (O3) into the pool circulation system. Since ozone systems don’t provide complete oxidation or sanitation they also require a residual sanitizer, like chlorine, in the pool water.

UV-Ozone Hybrid

UV-ozone hybrid pool systems create hydroxyls in a round-about fashion, but don’t provide a continuous, residual sanitizer. So, even with UV and ozone working together, chlorine is still required for residual sanitation. In addition, UV-ozone hybrid require additional bulb maintenance, which can be tedious.

Clear Comfort’s Hydroxyl-Based Advanced Oxidation

The Clear Comfort system uses a patented hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation that uses the same natural process that keeps our atmosphere clean and breathable. This technology creates its own high-concentration of hydroxyls that are air-injected into pool plumbing to eliminate unwanted organics in the pool. With residual sanitation, this hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation process is proven to eliminate or minimize the need for chlorine in home pools. In nature, hydroxyls remove pollution, odors, harmful pathogens and bad organic compounds in the air we breathe. Similarly, the hydroxyls created by the Clear Comfort system remove toxic disinfection byproducts, chemical odors, chlorine irritation, pathogens, chlorine-resistant parasites and harmful organic bacteria from the water you swim in. Just as they are to the earth’s atmosphere, hydroxyls are the key to cleansing your pool water with minimal chlorine use.  

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