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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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How to Keep Pool Owners Happy & Swimming During the Chlorine Shortage of 2022

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Now more than ever, AOP pool systems offer pool pros & owners a golden opportunity. Here’s what to look for in an alternative sanitation method.

Wait times, staff retention and chlorine shortages, oh my! Just like nearly every other industry, shortages continue to put a strain on the pool and spa industry. But even during chlorine-shortage uncertainty, smart pool professionals have an untapped wealth of opportunity.

If there’s a silver lining to the chlorine tablet shortage, it could be that customers are more open to new alternatives to chlorine than ever. But, not every alternative pool sanitation method has the “Midas touch” that’s worth offering to your customers.

Your “Gold Mine”: Alternative Pool Sanitation

What is your golden opportunity this summer? Equipping your existing customers with a high-performing chlorine alternative. Lately, many options have been introduced to the market. However, today’s alternative sanitation category is led by AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) pool systems that safely deliver powerful hydroxyl radicals to the water. This summer, offering the right AOP pool sanitation can improve your customer relationships, while saving you five to seven times the costs associated with finding new customers with your existing offerings.

To keep your customers’ trust, here are three things your alternative pool sanitation method must have:

1. Industry-leading product protection

First off, your alternative pool sanitizer should be backed by a substantial manufacturer’s money-back guarantee and warranty. Why? Because today’s shoppers are willing to pay more for products with industry-leading money-back guarantee and warranty windows. You’ll inexpensively increase your sales by assuring customers that their products are backed by you and the manufacturer. Market-leading warranties for pool sanitizers, such as AOP, are five years, and money-back guarantees up to 90 days. These assurances lower your cost of doing business, while raising your customers’ confidence.

Flexible, customer-centric product production policies, like the AOP pool system, communicate quality. Make sure to check other competing alternatives’ policies.

2. Proven to scale from spas to waterparks

Customers trust products that are proven to work in the most challenging environments. Alternative sanitizers that work on all types of water bodies, from high bather load waterparks to tranquil spas, means it will work on their pool.

To earn your customers’ trust, make sure your alternative sanitizer’s water treatment capability is proven and effective on all types of applications, including:
  • Waterparks
  • Olympic-sized competition swimming pools
  • Professional sport teams’ hydrotherapy training centers
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Splash pads
  • Cold plunge pools
  • Home pools and hot tubs of all sizes

After all, you should feel comfortable offering your customers an alternative sanitizer that can reliably deliver drinking-water levels of chlorine that just work. Best-of-breed AOP pool solutions have been proven to do just that.

3. Help your customers swim more, maintain less

When your customers bought their pools and spas, they rarely thought about the upkeep involved. They just wanted to enjoy themselves. By giving your customers an alternative sanitizer that does the hard work for them, you’re doing both your business’ reputation and customers a favor. Your alternative sanitation system should be easier to use than traditional chlorine or salt water pool systems. Remember, your alternative sanitation should fit your customers’ lifestyles, not the other way around.

Leading alternative sanitizers, like AOP pool systems, will have:
  • Easy system maintenance that takes 5 minutes or less each year
  • No required special tools, lamp handling or professional training to service
  • live customer support team that’s U.S. based, ready to call, and available to you and your customers
  • The availability to reliably deliver and install this pool season

Now that you know what to look for in an alternative sanitation method, it’s time to equip your pool business with the right techniques needed to sell them.

To take the next step, learn how to sell and explain AOP pool sanitation to your homeowner customers, click here to download our free guide.


Originally appeared on Pool & Spa News Magazine.

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