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How to change a Clear Comfort CCW100 cartridge [Infographic]

How to change a Clear Comfort CCW100 cartridge [Infographic] | Clear Comfort Maintenance

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In addition to regular pool water maintenance, the only system maintenance you required with a Clear Comfort CCW100 is an annual cartridge exchange.

We designed the cartridge exchange to be as easy and simple as possible. Based on the feedback we get from our residential customers, a CCW100 cartridge replacement takes less than five minutes.

Why do I need to change the cartridge?

Much like changing out a battery, drinking water filter or printer cartridge, changing your Clear Comfort system’s cartridge (or Cartridge Unit) after one year (or 8,000 to 10,000 hours) of use will keep your pool water clean, clear, healthy and fresh-feeling.

We also strive to operate sustainably whenever possible – and our cartridge exchanges are no exception. So when you change your cartridge, we ask that you send it back to Clear Comfort instead of throwing it away. We will recycle the materials from used cartridges to create new ones to reduce waste introduced to our ecosystem.

How will I know my cartridge needs to be changed?

You will know that your cartridge is ready to be changed when the yellow light or red light turns on your Clear Comfort system. The yellow light acts as a “warning” that your cartridge has one month of use, and the red light is a sign that your cartridge needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Where do I order a new cartridge?

When you’re ready to order your new cartridge, you can contact us directly, contact your local dealer or request a replacement at

Here is an infographic that shows how to change a Clear Comfort CCW100 cartridge:

How to change a Clear Comfort CCW100 cartridge [Infographic] | Clear Comfort Maintenance


Interested in the complete instructions for how to take care of a Clear Comfort pool? Read our blog that explains everything you need to know.

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