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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Happy Earth Day: Why Sustainable Pool Treatment is Easier Than You Might Think

Happy Earth Day: Why Sustainable Pool Treatment is Easier Than You Might Think | Clear Comfort AOP Pool Sytems
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In 2019, the environment is as much of a concern to people as it has ever been. Between climate change, pollution, and dwindling resources, it is important that we each do our due diligence and pay attention to the environmental impact of the products we consume.

In order to combat environmental degradation, many large and small companies are taking the initiative to become more eco-friendly and efficient. More so than ever before, new innovations, grants and services give companies in the pool industry a unique ability to make a positive impact on our planet’s future.

Technology is Taking the Lead

Although tech and internet companies sometimes get a bad rap, they have the power to not only make our lives easier but to help us build a more sustainable world. For example, last year the ridesharing company Lyft announced that all ride emissions will now be offset to be carbon neutral.

Companies like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and many more have all committed to using 100 percent renewable energy in the near future. Google has developed a variety of products and services that help advance the cause of sustainability.

Corporations like these can have a disproportionate effect on the environment compared to individuals because of the resources and influence they have. In order for ideas like renewable energy and energy efficiency to fully take hold in society, businesses must take the lead in creating a better path forward.

Sustainability in the Pool Industry

Unfortunately, the pool industry has a long way to go in becoming more sustainable. The production of chlorine creates large amounts of greenhouse gases, and chlorine production is among the biggest consumers of electricity in the chemical manufacturing industry.

In addition, pools contribute to higher water consumption and home energy use. UV sanitation systems, for example, use very high amounts of energy because in order to work they require high powered light to be emitted constantly. The answer to this is not to boycott pools, but to come up with solutions that can help minimize the environmental effects of pool ownership.

Innovation in Pool Technology is Key

The real key to sustainability in the pool industry, or any industry, is innovation. Clear Comfort has developed a sanitation system that allows pools to drastically reduce or even eliminate their chlorine consumption, which means that less carbon will be emitted in chlorine production, and less chlorinated water will be drained into the environment.

In addition, Clear Comfort allows pool owners to drain and dilute their pools less frequently, which can add up to significant savings in water consumption. The Clear Comfort system also requires far less power than other alternative sanitation systems.

Other innovations like the variable-speed pump have also allowed pool owners to reduce their energy consumption. Variable-speed pumps use more efficient motors than traditional single-speed or dual-speed pumps, and since their speed can be optimized to specific sizes and types of pools, they make it possible to cut power consumption significantly.

Solar heating is also an option for lowering power use in pools. Even just cleaning your pool more frequently can help, because it will prevent algae build up that will require more chemicals to be used. Using a pool cover, or even installing a windbreak, can help with energy retention and reduced evaporation. By seeking alternative methods of achieving our desired results, we are all able to come up with new and creative ways to maintain and operate our pools more sustainably.

Choose Products that Make a Difference

By making our purchasing decisions based not only on what is better for our personal lives, but also what is better for the entire planet, we can do our part to create a sustainable world for future generations.

Small changes on an individual level eventually add up to large changes on a grand scale, and each time we support businesses that are environmentally conscious we are sending a message that it matters what companies are doing for the planet. This will eventually lead more businesses to follow suit and do their part in reducing our environmental impact.

By making thoughtful decisions about how we do business and what we are consuming, we as a society can be a part of the movement towards a better planet.


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