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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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CYA Smart Launches Historic Industry Collaboration for Better Pool and Spa Water

CYA Smart Alliance
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Leaders Across the Industry Have Come Together for Smarter, Healthier and More Complete Water Care 

Boulder, Colorado – October 13, 2020 – Industry leaders have joined together to introduce the CYA Smart Alliance, a movement for better, healthier, sustainable, and chemically safe and consistent water care. Centered on the principle that pool water should be stable, simple to manage and healthier for swimmers and the environment, the CYA Smart Alliance provides pool and spa professionals the ability to join the alliance at

“Being CYA Smart™ is an opportunity for pool and spa professionals to simplify the delivery of care to pool owners,” said Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort. “Clear Comfort is excited to promote leadership that leverages better care endorsed by a diverse set of industry players.” 

Pool and spa professionals from across the industry are invited to join the CYA Smart Alliance and adopt a simpler, more complete water care approach. By adopting smarter methods, the alliance aims to significantly reduce overstabilization and the problems it brings. Thus, ending the cycle of chemical overtreatment leading to water and chemical waste and establishing a win for pool professionals, swimmers, health and the environment.  

“The CYA Smart Alliance promotes the best practices for pool and spa water care and we are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking announcement,” Zdenek Kratky, VP of Marketing, Recreational Water at Sigura says. “We are excited to see industry leaders agree on a positive direction to address the problems around overstabilization and help to simplify water care.” 

By choosing to be CYA Smart™ members are pledging to adhere to the alliance’s four benefits that lead to the best pool and spa water quality. These benefits include: 

  1. Better Water Care
    1. With the proper levels of cyanuric acid, maintaining balance will not only be beneficial for swimmers but easier for pool service professionals as well.
  2. Sustainability
    1. The right amount of CYA in the water enables proper residual levels with less draining and filling of the pool and spa.
  3. Healthier Water 
    1. The water will be resilient and able to keep up with bather loads for faster recovery and safer swimming.
  4. Chemically Safe and Consistent Water 
    1. A swimmer has lowered exposure to excessive chemicals and enjoys a safer swim experience when we avoid overstabilization.

“HASA believes our industry needs solid and clear consensus and leadership on the science and technology behind making water safe, clean and clear,” Chris Brink, President and CEO of HASA Inc. states. “We encourage everyone to join the CYA Smart™ movement, so that we can continue to make recreational water use safe, clean, accessible, and as environmentally friendly as humanly achievable.” 

There is no cost to become a CYA Smart™ member and join the effort to simplify and improve water care for customers and industry professionals. Members will gain access to free educational materials to support their proactive involvement. Members will be able to display the CYA Smart™ badge on their website and marketing materials to be recognized as a business committed to better water.

“By acting together we are driving this initiative at a record-setting pace. Orenda’s long-standing education and messaging around proactive pool care will be amplified with the CYA Smart Alliance,” says Harold Evans, CEO of Orenda. “When cross-industry leaders align for the betterment of the industry, everyone rapidly benefits.”

To join the CYA Smart Alliance and learn more about the movement, visit


About the CYA Smart Alliance

The CYA Smart Alliance is industry leaders coming together to bring sanity back to pool and spa care. They are taking action to improve water care and swimming. Members of the CYA Smart Alliance are actively committing to simpler pool and spa care, chemically safe and healthier water, and sustainability by saving water. They are choosing a smarter, easier, way forward. Coupling Smart Oxidation™ with Smart CYA™ in pools and spas is the beginning of the journey to a better industry. 

About Clear Comfort 

Clear Comfort manufactures and sells non-chlorine pool and spa water disinfection systems. Clear Comfort’s patented hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation (AOP) technology provides the best swimming experience available with proven, effective and non-toxic treatment. With headquarters and manufacturing based in Colorado, Clear Comfort customers receive a sustainable, “Made in the USA” product. Clear Comfort is a proud Impact Driven™ company delivering healthy, ethical and sustainable solutions to the market. For more information about Clear Comfort, please visit

About Sigura™ (Formerly Lonza Water)

Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Sigura is a leading provider of innovative water treatment solutions. The company maintains six production facilities throughout North America, South America, Europe and Africa, with 1,200 employees globally, located in all major regions. It features top consumer brands in the residential pool care market and strong positions in high-growth Industrial & Municipal water markets. Key brands include HTH®, Pulsar®, poolife®, GLB®, Applied Biochemists®, Leisure Time®, Baquacil®, BaquaSpa®, Constant Chlor®, Hypocal®, and more. To learn more about Sigura visit

About Hasa, Inc.

Hasa, Inc. is a leading producer and distributor of high-quality water treatment products used to sanitize and maintain water systems, including swimming pools, water tanks and containment vessels for recreational, industrial and municipal end markets. Founded in 1964, the company operates out of facilities in California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada and Texas. Over its more than 55-year history, Hasa has established a strong reputation for supplying superior products through excellent logistics and distribution capabilities. To learn more about Hasa visit

About Orenda

For many years, Orenda was primarily a specialty chemical manufacturer, building a business on quality, professional-grade products and reputation. They have since evolved into an education company. They have invested heavily in building the pool industry’s leading mobile app and dosing calculator, have a library of helpful videos, and a growing list of educational articles in their blog. They want to deliver the best water quality possible, with the fewest chemicals. The Orenda line of professional grade, eco-friendly speciality pool chemicals helps their customers get there. To learn more about Orenda visit


Media Contact:
Ashley Philipp
Integrated Marketing Specialist, Clear Comfort

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