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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

Clear Comfort Champ Award: Wayne Hatch, City of Ventura

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In recognition of outstanding service in the pool and spa industry, Clear Comfort selects one aquatics superstar to honor each month. From dealers to aquatics facility operators and service technicians, Clear Comfort appreciates the value that these unique and talented individuals bring to the aquatics community. This month, we would like to honor Wayne Hatch from the City of Ventura for his exceptional work in the aquatics industry.

Making a Splash In Aquatics

Wayne Hatch came into the aquatics industry in 2005 with a background in facilities maintenance. When the city opened its beautiful new state-of-the-art Ventura Aquatics Center in 2005, featuring a 50-meter competition pool, 25-meter recreational pool, activity pool and two water slides, they were in need of a well-qualified facility operator. With his wealth of experience in HVAC and other mechanical systems, Hatch made the ideal candidate for the job and has been running the facility ever since.

In 2016, Hatch installed a Clear Comfort’s AOP system on his runout slides to help combat chloramines, since the water is held in an enclosed underground tank. The AOP system worked so well that Hatch has since added a system onto his 50-meter competition pool as well.  

“I was looking for ways to reduce operational expenses and increase patron safety, Clear Comfort has done both,” Hatch said. “We’ve seen a reduction in combined chlorine on the slides and have used less chemicals in both pools. We are looking forward to adding systems to our instructional and playground pools as well.”

Diving Into the Future

Since Hatch took over as Aquatic Facility Operator for the City of Ventura, he has consistently shown excellence in his ability to maintain and operate the Ventura Aquatics Center, combining his years of experience and knowledge with a willingness to adopt modern technological solutions when addressing the challenges he faces. 

By using Clear Comfort’s Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) to sanitize the facility’s water, Hatch has achieved better water and air quality, lower chemical consumption and reduction of chloramines and other disinfection by-products, all with less required maintenance than comparable facilities. In addition, using Clear Comfort’s AOP provides the aquatics facility protection against chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium and other waterborne illnesses. These benefits and more have helped Hatch to successfully maintain a top-quality aquatics facility with better customer satisfaction and less liability.

The Best AOP for the Best Aquatics Operators

Clear Comfort is proud to help the best aquatics professionals improve operations, save money on chemicals and provide a better experience for their patrons. Clear Comfort’s patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP system uses powerful hydroxyl radicals that quickly destroy unwanted contaminants in pool and spa water, dramatically reducing chemical consumption, chloramines, or combined chlorine, and other DBPs. With Clear Comfort, pools, spas, hydrotherapy tubs, water parks and more can get the best water quality with the least maintenance, allowing patrons and customers to Swim Happy™.

To learn how a real recreational aquatics facility successfully reduced chemical consumption with Clear Comfort, download our free Chemical Reduction Case Study.

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