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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

Clear Comfort Champ Award: Heritage Pools, LLC

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The Clear Comfort Champ Award proudly recognizes an outstanding company in the pool and spa industry that exceeds expectations for both its customers and community. From dealers to aquatics facility operators and service technicians, Clear Comfort appreciates the value that these unique and talented individuals bring to the aquatics industry.

We’d like to commend the dedicated professionals who devote their time and commitment to providing an unmatched swimming experience year-round. As the temperatures drop and pools close for the season, these companies work tirelessly to make current and future aquatic plans come to life.

This month, we would like to hand the Clear Comfort Champ Award to Heritage Pools, LLC from Charleston, South Carolina for its exceptional work in the pool and spa industry.

More Than a Pool Build Project

The team at Heritage Pools understands the importance of investing in a trustworthy pool builder and their strong reputation in the Charleston area has proven they are just that. Heritage Pools builds more than a product, they deliver an experience. Heritage Pools offers their customers expert pool design and innovative construction techniques to create the backyard they’ve been dreaming of.

Heritage Pools prides itself on being a foremost expert in the construction, maintenance, service and renovations of swimming pools. The company offers all types of pools, including The Heritage Pool™ which is the only pool designed for the Lowcountry. If you have an existing pool their professional team can renovate, replaster, replace or maintain your pool or spa to easily get you back to aquatic enjoyment. No matter how big or small your pool project is, the team at Heritage Pools is prepared to take on your new pool construction or service your existing pool with superior customer service.

Backed by the Community

Fueled by the strong belief that it takes years to develop customer relationships but only seconds to lose them, the Heritage Pools team is dedicated to earning the trust and respect of its customers every day. Heritage Pools is a locally owned and operated organization that supports its local community. In addition to achieving outstanding customer ratings, Heritage Pools is well-known and trusted in the Charleston area. All of Heritage Pools services are backed by the highest available warranties and they only offer the most efficient and highest quality products available.

Along with consistently delivering a detailed, positive experience to its valued customers, Heritage Pools has established a strong, reliable reputation in the pool and spa industry. As a PHTA Certified Pool and Spa building Professional, Heritage Pools products and services are proven high quality through their achievement of numerous awards throughout the years. Heritage Pools’ recent awards include the 2021 Top 50 Builder by Pool and Spa News, 2020 & 2021 Top 50 Service by Pool and Spa News and Jandy, along with Luxury Pools+Outdoor Living 2021 Pinnacle Award for Integrated Design.


Today Best AOP™ For the Best Pool and Spa Pros

Clear Comfort works with the best pool and spa professionals in the nation to improve water care, reduce chemicals and provide a better swimming experience for their customers. Clear Comfort’s patented advanced oxidation, or AOP, system uses powerful hydroxyl radicals that quickly destroy unwanted contaminants in pool and spa water, dramatically reducing chemical consumption, chloramines and other DBPs. With Clear Comfort, pools, spas, hydrotherapy tubs, water parks and more can get the best water quality with the least maintenance, allowing patrons and customers to Swim Happy.

The Clear Comfort Champ Award

The Clear Comfort Champ Award is an achievement that honors the leading pool and spa industry professionals who go above and beyond standard practices. Each month, Clear Comfort nominates one dealer, service provider or aquatics facility operator who deserves recognition for their exceptional work. A Clear Comfort Champ is someone who cares about the wellbeing of their customers, patrons and communities and proves it by providing the healthiest, cleanest and most enjoyable pool and spa water. In short, Clear Comfort Champs help the people they serve Swim Happy.

To learn how Heritage Pools, LLC can help you swim healthy, easy and happy with Clear Comfort’s AOP pool and spa sanitation, click here.


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