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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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Baby Boom or Divorce Boom: Hot Tubs Offer Romance in the Pandemic Era

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Social distancing is putting a strain on relationships. Many lawyers are predicting that this “self-imposed confinement” will result in a spike in divorces. Nine months from now, the COVID-19 fallout will either end in a “divorce boom” or a new “baby boom.” It all depends on how you spend your time at home. Rather than arguing about the dishes, find ways to make the most of your time at home. Soaking in a hot tub together will spark romance and strengthen your relationship. The key is finding a hot tub with the best water protection, so you can relax without worries.

“During stressful and challenging times like these, it’s more important than ever that people create a safe, stress-free environment at home,” says Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort, a company that makes advanced oxidation (AOP) sanitation systems for pool and hot tub water. “Our goal is to ensure that our customers can relax in their hot tub simply, easily and without worry.”

A Healthy Way to Spark the Romance

Hot tub and swim spa sales have boosted in the pandemic era, and for good reason. Hot tubs are not only a great way to improve your health and psyche. Owning a hot tub can also help you find romance, intimacy and peace, all from the safety of your home. 

Here a just a few of the reasons owning a hot tub is the perfect way to maintain a healthy relationship while social distancing:

1. Digital Detox

Hot tubs provide a much needed break from technology. When you spend more time relaxing in your hot tub and less time reading the news on your phone, you’ll experience peacefulness and find more opportunities to connect with your loved ones.

2. Shelter in Comfort

If you need to “shelter-in-place,” why not shelter in comfort? With a hot tub, you’ll pass your time at home in luxury and reduce your stress. Forget talking about today’s news headlines. Simply relax and enjoy a romantic night with a hydromassage under the stars or a time to connect with family.

3. Simplify Your Day

Owning a hot tub makes your days a lot simpler. Hot tubs allow you to decompress in a healthy way that will improve your mood, sleep and anxiety. Cap your night off with a simple and therapeutic soak and you’re guaranteed to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed.

4. Make Every Night Date Night

Movie theaters and restaurants won’t be a good date night option for a long time. Hot tubs let you enjoy the perfect romantic date night at home whenever you want. Forget about finding reservations and overpaying for food and drinks. Spend a relaxing and romantic evening together on your schedule from the safety of home.

Why Hot Tubs Are a Safe Haven Amidst a Pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that with proper operation, maintenance and disinfection, hot tubs won’t spread COVID-19. However, just like anything else in your home right now, you want to make sure your hot tub water is as clean and sanitized as possible. 

Using chlorine along with an AOP system, which provides protection against viruses, will help ensure that all pathogens are being removed from the water instantly. While the chlorine takes care of any contaminants that may be in the water, the AOP system instantly destroys viruses and bacteria before the water even enters your pool. In this time of pandemics and quarantines, you can find a little peace knowing that your hot tub has the ultimate water care protection with Clear Comfort.

Don’t Worry About Your Water Care

For many couples, concerns about water care can be one of the biggest hurdles of owning or buying a hot tub. Effective water treatment like AOP reduces the risk of viruses and bacteria while keeping your water quality fresh. By simplifying hot tub water care and making sure your water is always healthy, you won’t ever have to worry about keeping your hot tub water disinfected. 

Clear Comfort’s AOP hot tub systems improve water clarity while reducing chemical consumption and maintenance time. Clear Comfort’s award-winning technology works by injecting powerful and fast-acting oxidizers known as hydroxyls into your pool plumbing, eliminating contaminants instantly. The innovative design of Clear Comfort systems means they require less than 10 minutes of system maintenance per year. Knowing that your hot tub water is fully protected, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your personal safe haven with loved ones.

Buying a hot tub with the right water treatment system is the ultimate way to have a social distancing ‘staycation.’ With Clear Comfort taking care of your water, you don’t need to worry about keeping your hot tub healthy. The AOP system will simplify maintenance and make your hot tub water clear and fresh at all times. To keep the romance alive in your relationship, let go of your worries and sink into a therapeutic relaxation oasis today.

If you want to get the best water for your hot tub, contact Clear Comfort today!


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