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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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5 Ways to Save Money as a Swimming Pool Owner

Save money pool owners
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Owning a pool can be a great investment that brings value as well as enjoyment to your home. But as any pool owner knows, the costs of owning a pool can really start to add up after a while.

In addition to the initial cost of building your pool, there will be ongoing maintenance costs such as increased electrical consumption, chemicals, professional pool servicing, etc. All of these expenses can start to put a real dent in your bank account. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can save money as a pool owner: 

1. Use Supplemental Sanitation

Chlorine and other chemicals can get expensive when you constantly have to add them to your water. Using supplementary sanitation, such as an Advanced Oxidation (AOP) system, will eliminate unwanted contaminants and pollutants in the pool water. This will allow you to significantly reduce your chlorine consumption to almost nothing, giving you a much better swimming experience and saving you money at the same time. Since chlorine manufacturing causes a significant amount of pollution and carbon emissions, using less chlorine will also reduce your environmental impact.

2. Switch to a Variable-Speed Pump

Variable-speed pumps can save you a lot of money on electrical costs compared to traditional single-speed and dual-speed pumps. Variable-speed pumps have more efficient motors and allow you to optimize your pump speed to your pool’s needs. By lowering your pump speed, you can run it for much longer, getting much better pool water circulation while consuming a fraction of the electrical energy.

Not only are variable-speed pumps a great economic investment for your home, but they are also much better for the environment compared to single and dual-speed pumps. So much better, in fact, that some places have regulations requiring the use of a variable-speed pump.

3. Install a Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heaters are another way you can save money and the environment at the same time. These will allow you to harness solar energy, especially during the spring and summer months, and use that energy to keep your pool at the proper temperature. Solar pool heaters can significantly reduce your electricity bill, and may even qualify you for tax incentives.

4. Conserve Pool Water

Another great way to save money as a pool owner is to conserve as much pool water as possible. There are a few ways you can manage this:

  • Use a pool cover when you’re not using the pool
  • Place wind-blocking objects such as fences or shrubs around the pool
  • Fix any leaks in your pool
  • Minimize unnecessary splashing

The more water you conserve, the less money you will spend filling your pool and adding chemicals to it. This can add up to real savings over time.

5. Maintain Chemical Balance

Follow a regular schedule to check pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, and residual chlorine levels in your pool water. Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool water will save you time and money in the long run, because it will minimize the number of chemicals you need to add to the water and will reduce the amount of extra work you have to do in maintaining your pool water.

By using these simple steps to reduce waste and make your pool more efficient, you can save yourself significant money while reducing your pool’s impact on the environment. Over time, these small changes could make a real difference to your bottom line as well as your footprint.


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