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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

5 pool safety tips every parent should know

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Clear Comfort: 5 pool safety tips every parent should know

Although simple safety pool precautions are obvious to adults, children who are unfamiliar with a pool setting won’t know how to stay safe in or around a pool. 

If your little one has expressed an interest in swimming for fun or with a swim team, you can help them become a safe swimmer with these five pool tips:

1. Always keep your eyes and ears open

Even if there are lifeguards, it’s best to actively watch your child by the pool. Minimizing the distractions around you can help you keep a closer eye on your children.

2. Teach your child basic safety skills

Before your child gets into the pool, teach the some basic safety skills, like no running on the pool deck, no dunking, how to safely jumping off a diving board, waiting a few minutes after eating before getting in the pool, showing your child where the deep and shallow ends of the pool are and how to reach for a pole or rope for safety.

3. Encourage safe playing in the pool

Dunking, splashing or being held under the water can not only be alarming for children, but is also dangerous. By encouraging safe playing habits in the pool you can prevent your child, or another child, from developing a long-term fear of the water.

4. Keep safety equipment on-hand and know CPR

In case of an emergency, always keep a first-aid kit, life jackets, reaching equipment and a cell phone nearby. You can also take an extra step toward safety and become CPR certified – you’ll never regret being over-prepared.

5. For backyard pools

Make sure the backyard pool cover is completely off before anyone gets in the pool. In addition, make sure that there is a fence at least four feet high to prevent other children from wandering to your pool unattended.


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