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[Video] Home Pool Stories: A Non-Chlorine California Paradise

For some, a home pool is a way to escape and decompress after the workday and for others, it’s a fun way to get active. But whatever you’re using your home pool for, you want to spend more time enjoying it and less time maintaining it – right? That’s why George and Deanna sought a new […]

Pool Story: How a JCC Cut 40% of Chlorine Use and Costs [Infographic]

In 2016, Kathy Torre, Aquatics Director at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) MetroWest, sought a healthier pool treatment solution to keep up with the facility’s swimming lessons, competitions and other activities. The Challenge: Torre says that trying to reduce combined chlorine and keep the pool environment’s air and water quality healthy for swimmers and staff […]

Pool Story: How a YMCA pool improved air quality

If you can’t see your facility’s pool you shouldn’t be able to smell it. The chemical pool smell that lurks into hallways, lobbies and locker rooms isn’t only unpleasant, but also toxic to inhale. However, aquatic facilities, like the Boulder Valley YMCA, have been trailblazers for facilities looking to improve air quality, while protecting the health […]

Pool Professionals: 3 Ways to Boost Your Top and Bottom Line

Tame the internet, build customer loyalty and prosper There are two ways to look at business results—the top line and bottom line. Your bottom line is total profit and your top line is total sales. Top line improvements come from selling to more customers or selling more to each customer. Bottom line results come from […]

Swimming Health Solutions Announced for CDC Sanitation Challenges

Clear Comfort offers solutions for the growing challenge of Crypto and secondary sanitation. BOULDER, COLO. – MAY 22, 2017 – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new statistics on the dangers of parasites and swimming pool safety in the United States. Recent independent studies confirm that Clear Comfort’s advanced oxidation sanitation systems are […]

Premier Competitive Swimming Program Adopts Healthier, Low Chlorine Pool System

SwimMAC Offers Better Environment to Swimmers and Coaches with Clear Comfort SwimMAC Carolina, one of the most prestigious competitive swimming programs in the nation, has adopted Clear Comfort’s low chlorine pool disinfection system to offer a healthier training environment for swimmers and coaches. Clear Comfort’s commercial pool sanitation system, which uses a hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation […]

A day in the life of an Aquatic Director

If you are looking for a career that keeps you on your toes, you may want to follow in the footsteps of Jill Schladweiler, Aquatic Director of the Estes Valley Parks and Recreation Aquatic Center. I meet Jill at the Estes Valley Aquatic Center on a sunny Tuesday morning. Even in the middle of the week in […]

A look inside the Clear Comfort system with Jill [video]

Jill Schladweiler, Aquatic Director of Estes Valley Parks and Recreation, gives us a quick tour of Clear Comfort’s commercial pool system and how it has improved her pool. Benefits she’s observed from her hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation system include: Lower chlorine levels Less chlorine smell Patrons and staff notice less chlorine on their skin Nicer water Estes […]

AQUA Magazine article features Clear Comfort with rave reviews

AQUA Magazine, one of the most prominent publications in the pool industry, features Clear Comfort this month in an article on advanced oxidation commercial and residential pool sanitation. The article includes an interview Keith Williams, VP of facilities of the Boulder Valley YMCA, who told AQUA, “The air quality is great; the water is crystal […]

Summer Giveaway: Swim. Enter. Win.

Now you can spend the summer with healthier, clearer chlorine-free pool water for free! Clear Comfort is giving away a free $3,000 chlorine-free pool system to the best pool picture. The picture can be of a cannon ball, chicken fight, first swim or any pool-related memory. Visit our Summer Giveaway page or fill out the […]