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SpaRetailer Features Clear Comfort’s New CCW50 Spa System

Before launching Clear Comfort’s CCW50 spa system, we put our technology to the test. In a bather load case study, we contaminated an indoor and outdoor spa – with ingredients that mimicked lotion, cosmetics, sweat and other bather loads – to see if Clear Comfort’s sanitation system could clean the water without shocking or refilling it. After just 12 hours […]

Pool System Comparison: Chlorine vs Salt

When people research new pool sanitation systems, they usually start by looking at chlorine and salt, which are the traditional, most common and oldest way to clean pool water. From maintenance time to health impacts to price – there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right pool sanitation system for your home. While chlorine […]

Pool System Comparison: Saltwater vs Clear Comfort

Picking the right pool system for your home can be challenging – that’s why it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons before you make a final selection. If you’re deciding between salt water pools and Clear Comfort pools, here’s everything you need to know about how their maintenance, health considerations and water feeling compare […]

4 Ways Hydrotherapy Can Help You Heal

Hydrotherapy is treatment method that uses physical therapy practices to accelerate rehabilitation or ease chronic pain. Also known as aquatic therapy or pool therapy, hydrotherapy uses water’s buoyancy to alter the exercise intensity of your workouts. So, you can exercise without harsh gravitational landings and reduce the stress on your joints. Common hydrotherapy exercises include: squats, lunges and running on an underwater […]

Fossil Creek Pools and Clear Comfort Announce Partnership Offering the Ultimate Swimming Pool Experience

Through Partnership, San Antonio Homeowners and Pool Buyers Now Have Access to Innovative, Healthy, Non-Chlorine Pool Water Treatment San Antonio, Texas and Boulder, Colorado – February 8, 2018 – Fossil Creek Pools and Clear Comfort announced their new partnership that provides San Antonio pool owners a healthier, premium and more enjoyable swimming experience without chlorine. […]

Are you making these 5 hot tub care mistakes?

If you just purchased a hot tub for the cold fall and winter seasons, or are new to hot tub care, you’ll be happy to know that hot tub maintenance can be simple. If you avoid these five common hot tub care mistakes, you’ll save time and hassle: 1. Keeping your hot tub uncovered Keeping your hot tub covered […]

How to spot eco-friendly home products

How can you tell whether your home products are from truly ethical and sustainable companies? B Lab, a nonprofit organization, has made it easy for shoppers to spot out companies that meet high standards of social and environmental responsibility with its B Corp Certification. Certified B Corps fulfill B Lab’s rigorous requirements for demonstrating social […]

Why winter is the best season to build a pool

Winter may not be known as the prime swimming season, but it may be the best season to build your pool. Today, December 21 is the first day of winter, and ironically, the upcoming cold winter temperatures are an opportunity to efficiently and inexpensively build a pool. If you live in a moderate climate, winter […]

Clear Comfort welcomes new team members

Clear Comfort is excited to welcome five new members to the team from all over the country bringing a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, design, engineering and more. Mike Quaka brings more than 20 years of experience in sales in various sectors, including the pool industry and manufacturing, to Clear Comfort. He grew up in Indiana, […]