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How does Clear Comfort AOP compare to UV pool systems?

UV pool systems sanitize water that flows over a UV lamp, but it does not oxidize it. Without oxidation, UV typically needs additional chlorine to destroy contaminants, remove pathogens, improve clarity or overall water quality. Alternatively, Clear Comfort’s AOP system can sanitize and oxidize for the best, clear and clean pool water quality with drinking water chlorine levels or less. 

In addition to having high energy consumption, UV maintenance requires lamp handling, system disassembly, special tools and professional training. UV also consumes additional chlorine through photo-degradation, where Clear Comfort uses less by increasing oxidation. Compared to UV, Clear Comfort’s AOP system is more energy efficient and easier to install and maintain with just an easy, annual 5 min. Cartridge Exchange. 

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Last Updated: October 28, 2020

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