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[Video] Why our residents love Clear Comfort

The Academy, a small retirement community in Boulder, Colorado, has residents who love to swim during their regular routine. In search of a healthy pool solution, The Academy installed the Clear Comfort system and found great results. In addition to the residents’ improved swimming experience, the Clear Comfort system significantly reduced pool maintenance. Watch the video to learn more […]

[Video] Health in your home should include your pool

You care about reducing chemical use in your home, and this shouldn’t stop at your pool. When chlorine cleans your pool water, it creates chloramines, which are toxic to humans. These chloramines cause red, itchy eyes, dry skin, and lung irritation. With Clear Comfort’s chlorine-free pool system, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you […]

A look inside the Clear Comfort system with Jill [video]

Jill Schladweiler, Aquatic Director of Estes Valley Parks and Recreation, gives us a quick tour of Clear Comfort’s commercial pool system and how it has improved her pool. Benefits she’s observed from her hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation system include: Lower chlorine levels Less chlorine smell Patrons and staff notice less chlorine on their skin Nicer water Estes […]

Video: Advanced Industries Grant presentation

Watch Ken Lund, Executive Director of Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, present Clear Comfort with an Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant.