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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.

Summer 2021 Resolutions: 3 Swimming Pool Best Practices

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Each year, technology developments and industry trends open new doors for pool owners looking for a more efficient, effortless and easier way to swim. During the current chlorine shortage and this health-conscious era, this summer is no exception to new, emerging trends. Here are the 3 best practices that savvy pool owners are using this summer:

1. Less chemical use

With the current chlorine shortage and health-conscious era, pool owners are more open to new means of alternative sanitation than ever before. For nearly 100 years, pool sanitation was limited to the same methods that were stuck in the past. Back then, the sensory irritation, chemical smell and tedious maintenance were the prices you had to pay to enjoy swimming. Today, Advanced Oxidation, known in the industry as AOP, is bringing much-needed technological progress to the developments in pool disinfection. Over the past decade, AOP pool and spa sanitation has revolutionized the way industry professionals think about water treatment. AOP methods, like Clear Comfort, have become widely regarded as a best practice for reducing chemicals and maintenance while improving water quality. The nation’s leading pool and spa professionals use Clear Comfort’s patented AOP to destroy unwanted contaminants with powerful hydroxyl radicals, dramatically reducing chemical consumption, chloramines and other disinfection by-products (DBPs). Reducing harmful DBPs created during chlorine sanitation can make a huge difference in lowering eye irritation, chemical smell, and risk of developing asthma, allergies and other health issues.

2. Save energy by upgrading your pool pump

Single-speed and dual-speed pool pumps, which were once the norm, are officially a thing of the past. An increasing number of pool owners are replacing noisy pumps for variable-speed pumps. Pool pumps can be a home’s largest electricity consumer, so upgrading to a variable-speed pump can result in huge energy bill savings By running a pool pump at lower speeds for longer periods of time, the consumed energy will cost much less than running it at high speeds for shorter periods of time. It may seem like running a pump at half-speed for twice the amount of time would even the energy consumption out. However, a principle known as the Pump Affinity Law shows that the energy savings grow disproportionately larger the more a pump’s speed is lowered.  According to the Pump Affinity Law, reducing a pool pump’s speed by 30 percent will result in a 70 percent reduction of power consumption. So, by cutting a pump's motor speed in half, the power consumption is reduced to one-eighth of the original draw. 

3. Keeping safe and energy-efficient with pool covers

Over the years, pool covers have made innovative strides and are not just used for pool closings. Depending on your environmental and personal needs, pool covers help make a home pool environment more energy-efficient and safe. 

Solar Pool Covers

For homeowners looking for the least expensive and easiest pool cover, solar pool covers are a great fit. By absorbing the sun’s rays, solar pool covers can heat up pools during the day and keep the heat from escaping the water at night. Solar pool covers come in a bubble-wrap-like blanket that is light in weight and can even be installed by the homeowner. In addition, solar panels are easy-to-use and only need one person to cover and uncover the pool.

Security Pool Cover

For homes with children or pets, a pool cover could give more protection than a fence around a pool would. Unlike other covers, security pool covers are specifically designed for the protection of accidental drowning. In addition to protecting children and pets, security pool covers can provide additional protection against unexpected accidents for adults.  Security pool covers have straps that are secured by springs and anchors in the pool deck and come in mesh and solid vinyl materials. In addition, most security pool covers are approved by the safety ASTM F134691 regulations. A professional pool cover company can help pool owners decide which option is the best fit for their pool.  Want to know which pool treatment method is best for your home? Download our free alternative pool sanitation comparison chart and see how Clear Comfort compares to salt, ozone, UV and ozone-UV AOP pool systems.

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