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Formerly Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company is now a part of Clear Comfort.
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How To Save Your Summer From the Pool Chlorine Shortage

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Empty Chlorine Shelves Don’t Need to Mean Empty Home Pools This Summer

Are you looking forward to a warm summer filled with days and nights spent enjoying your pool? Unfortunately, that time could be cut short due to the pool chlorine shortage that has plagued the industry. 

Luckily, for home pool owners, this chlorine shortage doesn’t mean that there will be a shortage of fun this summer. With the right chlorine alternative, you can still enjoy your pool and maybe even make the water healthier than it was before.

How the Pool Chlorine Shortage Came About

In 2020, it seemed like everything that could have gone wrong did, and the pool industry’s chemical supply was no exception to that. In August 2020, the recent chlorine shortage arose when Hurricane Laura struck the largest trichlor chemical plant.

Fast forward to 2021, many homeowners are either spending more time in their pools or building new ones in their backyards. Pool chlorine is now in growing demand and a constrained supply. So, if you’re a pool owner, you’ll need to find new ways to keep your water clean, healthy and sanitized. 

What Are My Options During the Pool Chorine Shortage?

A Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine

When looking for pool chlorine alternatives, many pool owners mistakenly start by looking at salt water pool systems as the next best option. Despite the common misconception, salt water pools sanitize water by producing its own chlorine with an electrolysis process. Salt water pools are typically chosen for the “softer” feeling water that traditionally chlorinated pools don’t offer, but chlorine and its accompanying health risks are still present. 

Similar to chlorine, salt water systems require manual dosing, handling and storage. It’s also recommended that salt cells be removed and inspected for mineral build up at least every two months and cleaned every six months, if not more. In addition, salt water pools can be corrosive to pool surfaces and equipment, which can lead to expensive repairs. So, filters, pumps and skimmers will need to be cleaned as well.

If you’re looking for a consistently healthy, easy and low-chlorine solution, consider following the lead of other homeowners who have turned to AOP pool sanitation, like Clear Comfort.

An AOP Pool System vs. Salt Water

Unlike a salt water pool system, the patented Clear Comfort AOP pool system can lower chlorine down to drinking-water levels. Many pool and spa owners choose an AOP system because it provides clear, softer-feeling and non-corrosive water that’s kind to eyes, skin, lungs, surfaces and equipment.

Like salt water pools and all other types of pool systems, Clear Comfort AOP pools need proper water chemistry balancing, like pH, alkalinity, TDS, etc. Aside from regular pool water maintenance, the only system maintenance required for a Clear Comfort AOP pool is an annual 5-minute cartridge exchange

Other AOP methods on the market will typically use a combination of ozone and UV pool systems, which usually requires hours of maintenance with special tools and UV lamp handling. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution that’s proven on everything from hot tubs to water parks, Clear Comfort’s patented pool sanitation is your optimal AOP choice. 

For a detailed comparison, here’s a chart that illustrates how the top chlorine-alternative sanitation methods differ:

What Is Chlorine Independence Day™?

To free yourself from reliance on chemicals that will increasingly be in shorter supply, follow the lead of pool professionals and homeowners who are celebrating Chlorine Independence Day™ with Clear Comfort’s AOP systems.

Don’t waste time waiting for the chlorine shelves to re-stock, because there is no guarantee that they will. In addition, do your research and keep informed about the higher chlorine levels that salt water pool systems produce. A proven AOP pool system, like Clear Comfort, can solve this pool chlorine shortage stress with ease. This summer, protect your pool, your family and your time with Clear Comfort’s readily available, low-chlorine and easy-to-use AOP pool sanitation.

Want to know exactly what you should be looking for in chlorine-alternative? To download the “Homeowner’s Complete Chlorine-Alternative Pool & Spa Checklist,” click here


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