Why (chlorine-free) swimming is great exercise for older adults

As people grow older their physical health becomes more of a concern, but often a their bodies are not as resilient as they once were. Swimming presents a good option for elderly who want to remain fit without traumatizing their joints or exacerbating old injuries.

Commercial pool Advanced Oxidation myths quashed

As an aquatics professional or commercial pool service company, you’ve probably heard about Advanced Oxidation used as a newer method of pool water disinfection. You also may have heard some myths that might deter you from exploring Advanced Oxidation as a solution for your pool. Below, we give you the facts.

Three ways pool chlorine can harm your child’s health

Pool chlorine can have a long-lasting negative impact on children’s health that many pool owners and parents are not aware of. When chlorine destroys contaminants in pool water, it creates harmful disinfection byproducts and chloramines.

Five steps to a more eco-friendly pool

With an eco-friendly pool, you can do your part for the environment. Today there are a number of sustainable products that will help you turn your pool from an energy-sucking, chemical-ridden hot zone to a pristine, healthy, sustainable swimming environment.

Here are five ways to make your pool more green (but in a good way):

PoolPro magazine features “a true chlorine alternative”

In its latest issue, PoolPro magazine interviews Mr. Pool, a Colorado-based pool service company that is using a new chlorine alternative on its customer’s pools. The Clear Comfort system, what PoolPro calls “a true alternative to chlorine,” provides both primary and residual pool water sanitation without the need for chlorine.

Video: Advanced Industries Grant presentation

Watch Ken Lund, Executive Director of Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, present Clear Comfort with an Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant.

Clear Comfort named Breakout Cleantech Company of the Year

Clear Comfort Water, a Boulder-based cleantech startup, last night was awarded Breakout Cleantech Company of the Year at the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association Awards Celebration. The award recognizes Colorado companies that are impacting the marketplace with innovative clean technologies, creating jobs in the local economy, and successfully scaling the technologies.