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4 Ways to reduce your pool chlorine exposure

Being a low-impact exercise that works the entire body, swimming is a great exercise for all ages and capabilities. While swimming has many healthy benefits for our bodies physically, it can also expose our bodies to dangerous chemicals that’ll harm our digestive and respiratory health. If swimming is a part of your daily or weekly […]

How to take care of a Clear Comfort pool [Download]

The number one question that we hear is, “How will my pool maintenance change with a Clear Comfort system?” Taking care of a Clear Comfort pool is very similar to maintaining a traditional chlorinated or saltwater pool. However, a Clear Comfort system can provide a chlorine-free pool, and it will simplify your day-to-day pool maintenance […]

Five Ways to Improve Your Commercial Pool This Summer

  Water clarity and quality is essential to patron loyalty and a facility’s reputation. This summer, take your facility to the next level with efficient, cost-effective and simple operational enhancements. Here are five pool improvements that will please your customers, staff and management.   1. Controlling Chemicals Bather load drives the need for higher chemical […]

Crypto Caution: CDC warns pool operators and swimmers

Cryptosporidium parvum outbreaks linked to swimming pools and water playgrounds have doubled from 2014 to 2016 in the United States, according to a new Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report by Centers for Disease Control. Commonly referred to as “Crypto,” this parasitic infection is transmitted by swimmers ingesting contaminated pool water. In 2016, the CDC got […]

Swimming Health Solutions Announced for CDC Sanitation Challenges

Clear Comfort offers solutions for the growing challenge of Crypto and secondary sanitation. BOULDER, COLO. – MAY 22, 2017 – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new statistics on the dangers of parasites and swimming pool safety in the United States. Recent independent studies confirm that Clear Comfort’s advanced oxidation sanitation systems are […]

Secondary Sanitation: A civic responsibility for aquatic professionals

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention developed the Model Aquatic Health Code to educate state and local authorities on safe and healthy best pool practices. With MAHC, the CDC aims to decrease and prevent the increasing amount of recreational water illness (RWI) outbreaks in public pools using traditional chlorine sanitation. MAHC recommends both primary […]

Pool industry trends that are here to stay

  Many pool industry trends have come and gone, but some have become timeless, best pool practices. Instead of keeping up with trends by remodeling or replacing out equipment, save yourself time and money by implementing these timeless pool trends. Here are some pool industry trends that are here to stay:   Design and Amenities […]

Five easy things to do for Earth Day 2017

This Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day, but you don’t have to disrupt your daily schedule to celebrate it. If you don’t have time to plant a tree or volunteer at your community garden, you can still honor Earth Day by making it the beginning of living more sustainably with minor lifestyle changes. Even though […]

Comparison: UV-ozone combo systems vs. Clear Comfort

To keep up with pool and spa owners’ demands for a healthier, chlorine-free or low-chlorine pool, many pool companies have researched and developed chlorine alternative products. In search of a solution, some pool companies have paired their existing pool technologies together — and one increasingly common solution has been to combine UV and ozone. To […]

Making your aquatics facility more sustainable in 2017

Is 2017 the year you focus on improving sustainability in your aquatic facility? Here are some ways to make your pool more efficient and eco-friendly. Use Renewable Energy & Efficient Energy Use solar pool heaters to heat the pool combined with a pool cover at night to keep the water warm, reducing energy costs and heat […]