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Fall is Coming: 4 Ways to Heat Your Pool

Summer has come to an end, which means that it’s time to say goodbye to hot days around the swimming pool. For pool owners in colder climates, it’ll soon be time to put the pool cover on and close it up for fall and winter. However, the swimming pool season doesn’t have to be over just yet. […]

Are you making these 5 hot tub care mistakes?

If you just purchased a hot tub for the cold fall and winter seasons, or are new to hot tub care, you’ll be happy to know that hot tub maintenance can be simple. If you avoid these five common hot tub care mistakes, you’ll save time and hassle: 1. Keeping your hot tub uncovered Keeping your hot tub covered […]

How to take care of a Clear Comfort pool [Download]

The number one question that we hear is, “How will my pool maintenance change with a Clear Comfort system?” Taking care of a Clear Comfort pool is very similar to maintaining a traditional chlorinated or saltwater pool. However, a Clear Comfort system can provide a chlorine-free pool, and it will simplify your day-to-day pool maintenance […]

[Video] Why our residents love Clear Comfort

The Academy, a small retirement community in Boulder, Colorado, has residents who love to swim during their regular routine. In search of a healthy pool solution, The Academy installed the Clear Comfort system and found great results. In addition to the residents’ improved swimming experience, the Clear Comfort system significantly reduced pool maintenance. Watch the video to learn more […]

Clear Comfort Named an Aquatics International 25 Most Valuable Product

  The Clear Comfort CCW100 has been selected as a Aquatics International 25 Most Valuable Products for 2017. The top 25 MVP products were chosen by the readers of Aquatics International’s January New Products Issue. In January, Clear Comfort announced the next generation of its pool and spa system that enables commercial pools to reduce chlorine […]

Top pool opening tips from our pool service partners

Some of our top pool service professionals offer advice for opening your pool and maintaining it. Alan Butters, Watersaver Leak Protection Stuart, Florida The best tip for opening the pool is closing it properly. A clean, balanced pool that uses the best available winter cover opens up very easily in the spring. If you haven’t done […]

What to know about this deadly bacteria found in hot tubs

Earlier this month, an athletic club in Nassau, New York reported legionella in its pool area. Legionella causes the deadly legionnaires disease, and as of Jan. 6, two cases had been confirmed and traced back to the club. Legionella outbreaks are have increased four-fold in the United States over the past 15 years, according to […]

Three things to consider when installing your hot tub

As the weather starts to get cold, buying a new hot tub sounds more and more appealing. Here are three things to consider when installing your hot tub including location, cost and maintenance. 1. Price: Smaller two-person, lower-end hot tubs start at $2,000, while mid-tier spas begin at $5,000 and high-end luxury spas start at $13,000, according […]

Swim current pools: The treadmill for swimming

You don’t need a lap pool to swim long distance at home. Swim current pools, pools that allow you to swim in place with a resistant water current, bring gym lap pool swimming into the comfort and convenience of your own home. Swim current pools are commonly described as underwater treadmills, and offer a great option for low […]

WC&P features Clear Comfort co-founder’s article on AOP in pool treatment

This month Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine (WC&P), a premier publication for POU/POE water treatment professionals, published Clear Comfort co-founder and Chief Water Officer Nick Rancis’ article, “Swimming Pools of the 21st Century: Advanced Oxidation.” For the last century operators and owners have strived for crystal clear, safe water that is free of toxic disinfection […]