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Home Pool Shock 101

Swimming season is just around the corner, and no matter what kind of sanitation your home pool will be using this summer – you will need to add a shock to your pool. If you’re a pool care beginner and don’t know where to start – let alone what a shock is – we have […]

Quick Guide: Your Home Pool Chemistry

Regardless of the type of sanitation your pool uses, every pool needs regular maintenance to keep the water clean, clear and healthy. Similar to car owners, pool owners must maintain it regularly to prevent expensive repairs in the future. Just like car owners shouldn’t ignore routine oil changes and tire rotations – pool owners shouldn’t […]

How to install a Clear Comfort pool system

Our technology is a new, non-chlorine way to treat pool water – so we often get questions about how to install a Clear Comfort pool system. Clear Comfort’s award-winning technology may be patented and new, but installing it is a simple process that can be done by any pool professional. In addition, Clear Comfort has […]

How to take care of your pool after a disaster

Natural disasters can cause a lot of damage to your home and property – especially if you have a pool. After natural disasters it’s common for pools overflow, pool equipment to lose power and to ruin supplies. If you’re a pool owner and have been affected by a natural disaster, follow these four steps to […]

Winter is Coming: How to Close Your Pool

Leaves are changing, temperatures are cooling, and that means it’s the sad time of year to close your swimming pool. Closing your pool is a simple process that either you or your pool professional can do. If you plan on closing your own pool, make sure you follow these 10 pool closing steps to avoid expensive repairs in […]

Are you making these 5 pool maintenance mistakes?

If you stick to a regular routine, maintaining clean, clear pool water can be easy. However, if your break your pool maintenance routine or don’t plan ahead for extra water care after pool parties – it’ll cost you time and money. Here are five common pool maintenance mistakes and how you can avoid them: 1. Not […]

Which pool system is right for you?

If you’re a first-time pool owner or upgrading your pool features, choosing a water treatment system is one of the most important decisions and investments you’ll make for your pool. With so many methods available, it’s important to do your research and find a pool system that best fits your household’s needs. The purpose of […]

The benefits of water clarifiers when you open your pool

Pool opening season is finally here, and cloudy, green pool water is the last thing you want to see the first time you go swimming. When you open your pool it is normal to have cloudy water, reduced filtration and a lack of adequate sanitation. If your pool water isn’t clear after 24 hours of […]

Managing your swimming pool during a rainy spring

Many areas of the country are experiencing heavier than usual precipitation, especially in the springtime.  With heavy rains come flooding, muddy water and debris in the pool. How does rain affect pool water? Rain is acidic and thus lowers the pH of your swimming pool water.  Acidic water can damage your pool’s heat pump and […]

The benefits of algaecides for your pool

Every outdoor pool faces a constant onslaught of algae spores that wind, rain and swimmers introduce. When conditions are right, you can quickly find yourself with a pool full of algae if you don’t manage your water and pool properly. Preventing algae can be tedious with any type of pool sanitation. Algaecides provide an effective […]