[Video] What Do Clear Comfort Bubbles Look Like?

A common question we get about our pool and spa systems is, “What do the bubbles look like?”

Unlike most pool sanitation systems, Clear Comfort air-injects it’s sanitizer into your pool plumbing. This means that tiny bubbles of non-toxic hydroxyl radicals pass through your pool or spa to oxidize contaminants and allow you to enjoy the best water and air quality possible.

Wondering what these hydroxyl-filled bubbles look like in action? Watch our video all of real-life Clear Comfort pool and spa bubbles to see for yourself! Please note: Bubble sizes can vary on different types of pool plumbing. 


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Gabrielle Palumbo

Marketing Director
Gabrielle brings her experience in communications, marketing, customer satisfaction, design and media to Clear Comfort. As the talent behind Clear Comfort's infographics, she excels at finding creative ways to educate swimmers about the power of Clear Comfort's pool treatment system.