Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners

Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners | Clear Comfort

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If you’re thinking about adding a pool to your home or if you already have a pool, then you’ve probably fantasized about transforming your backyard into a beautiful and inviting oasis escape. Perhaps a pool environment that’s more vibrant, modern or entertaining – a spot for food and cold drinks where you and your family can relax and make the most of the summer. But the issue is, your perfect pool landscaping and patio designs are costly – right?

Not necessarily.

There are a variety of patio design ideas you can use to spruce up your pool and its surroundings or create your perfect outdoor space without breaking your bank – you just have to be resourceful and creative. From small, cheap and easy DIY tasks to larger renovations that require a small amount of money up front, here are some gorgeous patio design ideas pool owners, like you, can try.

Garden Oasis

Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners | Clear Comfort AOP Pool System

The garden oasis patio design focuses on enhancing your pool’s natural setting to give you an away-from-home feeling. The seating areas are reduced and, instead, natural materials and lush plantings inhabit the space. You could surround your pool with flourishing greenery and colorful blossoms thereby transforming your patio into a serene escape where all your worries will fade away.

You can even transform the simplest of pool patios into a garden oasis using decorative planters or containers or by adding a water feature such as a bubbling fountain or waterfall. The water feature and the decorative planters flanking your pool will not only help to anchor the space but will also add visual interest.

Outdoor Room Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners | Clear Comfort AOP Pool System

Do you want to bring the convenience and comfort of your favorite indoor room to your pool-scape? If yes, then you can try the outdoor room patio designs – this backyard set up is especially food if you enjoy dining or relaxing alfresco on the patio. With this design, you can turn your patio into an outdoor living space which will automatically become a prime spot for entertaining or socializing with your friends and family.

The elements that are essential to the design of a convenient and comfortable indoor-outdoor room setting include a custom fireplace and deep-seating patio furniture. You can add a large table and outdoor dining set that can accommodate your family and friends as well as your guests during outdoor parties. In addition, you could add an outdoor kitchen to make it a patio that is battle ready for outdoor summer dinner parties.

Covered Patio

Do you want to enjoy your backyard and relax while protecting yourself from the scourging sun? If yes, then the covered patio design is perfect for you especially if your home is situated further from the pool. With this design, you’ll get a comfortable outdoor space that allows you to lay out by your swimming pool without getting excessive sunlight. From custom-designed pavilion to wooden pergola to curtained cabana, this patio design will provide you with a place to entertain, relax, or enjoy the shade.

Sun Deck

Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners | Clear Comfort AOP Pool System

If you love and enjoy poolside relaxation, then this patio design idea is for you. The design offers a place to unwind, cool off and enjoy the sunshine after dipping yourself in the pool. And when you locate it along the edge of your swimming pool or line it with rows of fashionable outdoor chaise lounges, a sun deck can give you the look or feel of a luxurious resort or hotel.

Another patio design idea you can use for poolside relaxation is a tanning shelf or in-pool sun deck. The tanning shelf is known as a shallow area of about 5 to 8 inch deep and is usually located at the entrance of the pool. This shallow area may occupy only a small section of the pool or span its entire width.

String Lighting Around the Pool

While string lighting looks great indoor, they’ll look even better when used around your pool and its surroundings. Adding string lights to your patio and pool surroundings is a safety measure that allows you to see the area at night and avoid accidents. It will keep the light from being distracting and create enough sparkle that will allow you to use your pool and enjoy your outdoor space at night.

String lights are available in different shapes and pretty colors; they are easier to set up, lighter, and more energy efficient than large bulbs and can be draped down a table or wrapped around a tree for a twinkling centerpiece. What a beautiful way to illuminate your patio and pool surroundings with an ambient glow without necessarily increasing your energy bill.

Mosaic Design

Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners | Clear Comfort AOP Pool System

Create a beautiful design and texture by using tiles to make a mosaic-like design. The tiles varying shades will create an attractive outdoor space that you, your friends, family, and guests would appreciate. Not only will this tile design help to beautify your inground pool patio, but it will also reduce the risk of slipping around the pool since the stones are porous and lower the rate of standing water.

Glass Panel Fencing

Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners | Clear Comfort AOP Pool System

If you have a household full of small children, it is important to ensure that your pool area is safe since small kids are so unpredictable. It is also important for your pool and backyard area to be gorgeous and inviting. The glass panel fencing will help to create a fanciful space that you and your guests will enjoy while creating barriers between the pool and your patio to make sure no tiny visitors will wander where they shouldn’t.

Perimeter Shade

Perimeter shade is a simple but elegant patio design idea you can use to create a comfy and attractive space. Instead of using the idea of a covered patio or covering the whole area, the design uses a thin covering and can even utilize a half-covered area.

The thin covering creates a shaded area along the perimeter of the patio and pool area to create enough shade for you, your family and guests to enjoy and relax without blocking out the sun completely. You can arrange some side tables and comfy sun loungers to create a scene from a resort – a patio design that is perfect for tanners and sun lovers.

Pool Deck

Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners | Clear Comfort AOP Pool System

If you own an inground or above ground pool, you can build a deck around it to protect it from unsupervised swimmers and add beauty to your property. If the pool is near your home, you can include a bridge that will allow you to access the pool from your home without walking through the grass or stepping your foot on the ground. You can even decorate or paint the deck based on your color scheme.

Underwater Pool Lighting

Patio Design Ideas for Pools Owners | Clear Comfort AOP Pool System

Want to brighten or beautify the inside of your pool? Consider installing LED swimming pool lights. This LED lights are available in different colors and are energy efficient and easy to install. They emit brighter, cooler and more vivid lights that can get accustomed to the occasion – whether you are lounging by the pool for brunch or sitting and sipping a drink by your poolside on a summer night.

Some underwater pool lighting can change color, thus setting your mood for peaceful and warm midnight swims or helping you to get festive for the holidays. Also, you can incorporate the LED pool lights with string lighting around your pool for a cool and beautiful outdoor space.

Summer is fast approaching, and your patio and pool will soon become a hot spot – and you want that space to be as inviting and comfortable for you, your family and friends as possible. The good news is that you still have plenty of time to finish or start a project you’re thinking about or currently working on.

The patio design ideas for pool owners mentioned above are just a few ideas you can try. But when it comes to creating your perfect outdoor space, the sky is your limit!


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